Morton's List game review

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Morton's List is a thick tome listing hundreds of potentially life changing quests. The Inner Circle, the group playing the game, rolls dice to ultimitely find a real life activity to engage in. Each quest is open to interpretation. There's more than one way to complete a quest depending on the Inner Circle's levels of imagination and bravery. Even if a quest is rolled more than once it can lead to a completely different real life situation depending on the group of peope playing or the Inner Circle's table master, the guy that makes all final decisions, giving the game infinite replayability.

Many people are confused by the term Random Reality and think it's some kind of role playing game.  You are not role playing.  You are engaging in real life activities with real life consequences.  It's always pointed out in the book to not break any laws and check your local legislation.  Of course the group playing can decide to play anyway they want.  If you do decide to accomplish a quest in a dubious manner keep in mind you are responsible for your actions both morally and legally.  With the right people playing you can end up

The more ceremony and style you put into the ritual of playing the game the more fun it is.  At the beginning of the game its recommended you gather karma for the quests to be rolled in a small ritual called the Karmic Gathering.  You're encouraged to make your own traditions for your specific group.  Generally when I play I pass around the pouch full of dice around the group for everyone to focus their chi and good ju ju into the dice so that good quests are rolled.

Over all this game is a one of a kind and offers a different kind of fun that can't be found by playing any other game.  It's reocommended by the book that you play in a  group of at least three but I've played several games with just two people and had just as much fun as I've had with larger groups.  With a little creativity and a willingness to seek out real life adventure this game can really be a fulfilling experience.

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