Mondo Cool Cast 00006 MN12bird the Youtube reviewer

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, May 26, 2010 1 comments

This week I have MN12Bird on the show. He's a popular youtube mega star!

I talk a bit about Policenauts and of course read some awesome e-mails from you the listeners!

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Balzak802 said...

I was listening to this podcast while playing the story mode to Super Smash Brothers Brawl and forgot how odd and difficult it is to control your character during the platforming stages but at least I am almost done with the story mode with being at the entrance to the final stage and almost done unlocking all the characters. Anyways, your guest was pretty good in this podcast but not as good as CF though but who can beat him. I did however enjoy listening to both your stories about how you both got your NES top loaders and Sega Genesis’s and how you both just grew up with Nintendo systems. I also wish that I could get an NES top loader for free or for $10 from someone but sadly I am going to have to buy a $25 new third party NES top loader from eBay since I got about 15 games from the Salvation Army for $11 and wanted to play them but I do not have a system to play them with but what is good about those third party consoles is that they are compatible with the original NES controls and plug into the television with a standard AV cable instead of an RF Switch Box, similar to what the N64, PS1, and SNES do, so I guess that is good. Also I loved Policenauts and downloaded the patch on the first day it came out, which was August 24th 2009, and played up to the end of the 1st disc until my computer crashed on me so I have not played the game since the Spring of 2010 but I want to play it on a console one day because some of the cut scenes do not match with the voices on the emulator so that sort of irritates me. Also I would love to see a review from you JT of Policenauts because I did not enjoy the one done by Retro ware TV because that one is just a 30 minute history lesson of Policenauts that I really do not care about and would just want to hear a reviewer talking about how they feel about the game’s game play and story instead of a boring history lesson.

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