The construction right out my window that's making my house shake really makes it difficult to sleep. What a pain! It did force me to get up at the right time to work on my pokemon project. You see in Soul Silver there's this hideous fish pokemon that takes 8 days to evolve into a bad ass dragon pokemon. You have to get it a massage but the massage is only available from 3 to 4 pm. I think I need three or four more of those massages before my hideous fish monster blossoms into a beautiful dragon monster. Some of these pokemon evolutions are freakin complicated.

In other news I'm still working on Policenauts. I'm not completely caught up to where I left off the first time playing the game so I haven't really been sucked in. I was super absorbed into the plot the first go round but now that I'm just trying to catch back up it's going a little slow. I wasn't even that far into the game! I hope I get hooked on the game again after I catch back up and start making new progress. It is cool playing it on the Psone and the text is big enough to read clearly on that tiny little screen. Awesome!

I still need to pick up a ps1 mouse. I just wish I could afford one! I might go check Vac's n Videos and see if they've got one. I've been saying that for a week but I still haven't walked up there haha. I'll get around to it, I swear.


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