Mondo Cool Cast 00005 Critical Failure from TigerClaw TV

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, May 14, 2010 1 comments

This week we talk to Critical Failure from

Check out his Youtube channel.

We talk about a video shit talking LukeMorse1. You can check that out here.

Music Used in Mondo Cool Cast 00005.

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Balzak802 said...

I was listening to this podcast while playing Phantasy Star Online to celebrate the 11th anniversary of one of my favorite consoles of all time, the Sega Dreamcast. Anyways I enjoyed this special guest you had also because I enjoyed it when CF teamed up with G and DB and he did an excellent job with co hosting with you JT. Also I disagree with you guys about buying DVDs from internet celebrities sort of because there is one internet celebrity that I and probably a lot of people buy DVDs from and that is the AVGN and that is because when I do get an HDTV one day, I would want to watch his videos in 1080p or try to upscale them on my PlayStation 3 but his volume 3 DVD is going to be my last bought product of his since I own volume 1 and 2 already and that also it is because his 2009 to present episodes are not funny at all but some of them are interesting to watch though, for example I enjoyed watching his Castlevania videos, even though I did not find them funny at all but found it interesting. Also if Tolstoykafkaevsky made a DVD, I would be all over that and buy it on the first day it comes out.

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