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Posted by JerryTerrifying On Thursday, September 9, 2010 3 comments

All of you wonderful listeners of The Mondo Cool Cast already know that I've been talking a lot of shit about getting my own public access show.  Well it's happening.  Yesterday August 8, 2010 I went to the DATV studio and participated in the free orientation.  They walked us through the studio and explained the general process.  I am now a paid member of DATV.  I'm going to get a sweet badge so I don't look like some asshole without an ID badge.  Starting October 6 I'll be taking a slew of classes designed to make me a TV multimedia mega super star. 

I believe I only need to take two of the classes before they let me start running around with cameras and shit.  So I plan on filming and slapping together my first episode of MCTV which will naturally be a Halloween Super Special.  Halloween is my favorite holiday, Fall my favorite season and the perfect place to start with MCTV.

I was the only person there that wasn't planning on making a religious show.  There were two other younger guys there that I don't think were making a show but they didn't bother to fill out any forms, or remember to take them, so I doubt they'll be coming back.  Only one other person filled out forms and paid that day so I'm thinking we were the only two that were serious.  Even the guy giving the orientation was talking about his Church and shit.  It was weird.

I also dug through the Terror Dome archives and found the classic page from about my first attempt at a Public Access show.  Click here and check that out!


Hemrawc said...

I was looking at the classic page from and was wondering if that guy on the ground in the picture was really having a seizure?

Anonymous said...

are you gonna post things that go on your show on blip as well

JerryTerrifying said...

The show in its entirety will be on blip and later on youtube. :D Everyone will get a chance to see this brilliant work. ;)

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