Teen Momz LOL!

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, September 15, 2010 3 comments

In an attempt to pander to my younger pop culturally aware audience I'm going to talk about some MTV garbage I was forcibly subjected to.  That Meat faced blond kid is from a show called Teen Moms about ugly sluts that are now negligent parents thanks to indiscriminate humping.

The point is after the jump, I swear.

Beef face up there is some gumpy dude trying to get with a red headed single mother which is clearly the only potential mate he could possibly score with a face so heavily fortified with meaty beefs.  You're probably thinking "Hey Jerry Terrifying what the hell does this have to do with anything?"  Well that meat head looks just like motherfucking Duke Nukem!

Yeah, that was the entire point of this post.  I'm right though, aren't I?


Anonymous said...

Lol Jarred terrifying for the wins

DeathAdder83 said...

LOL, I am ashamed to admit....I am a fan of MTV's Teen Mom, it is better than watching an actual train wreck. I thought the same stuff about this dude above, I believe his name is Kyle....okay I know his name is Kyle. You got to admit, dumb ass kids make for good ass TV. My personal favorite "love to hate" couple are the Fat Heads....2 blubbery whiney terd bags.

The only problem I have with you comparing beef head and Duke Nukem, is that Duke probably has an extra chromosome, he can at least piolet on air craft.

Anonymous said...

You kidding? Duke's got balls of steel. That kid's got balls of porkchop.

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