I'm on a roll!

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, February 4, 2011 1 comments

Yesterday morning I woke up to an interesting comment on one of my videos.  "Thumbs up if cracked sent you here."  I fired up my cracked.com reader app and checked the newest articles.  The article by Sean Baby is about unreleased video games.  In the number one spot he talks about Desert Bus and links to my Desert Bus review!  In about 24 hours time the video has gotten over 60,000 views finally replacing the singing dog video as my most viewed video.

Then later last night I was reading Kotaku as I often find myself doing.  Luke Plunkett wrote an article about Microsoft's first venture into the realm of home consoles the Dreamcast.  I left a comment saying the Memorex VIS was Microsoft's first failed step into home console gaming as it's operating system was based on Windows 3.1.  That comment was my first starred comment and was added as an update to the article!  I'm obviously very amused by this and want to brag about it as hard as I can.  :D


muragaru553 said...

Holy shit dude, that is awesome. Congrats:D

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