Top 10 Favorite PS1 Games

Posted by Shintai On Sunday, February 6, 2011 2 comments

A pretty straight forward video, I talk about my top 10 favorite games on the PS1. Care to share with your own lists? Think I am missing some that should be on the list? Don't hesitate to tell me!


Vlad Whyte said...

Man, Strider 2 is freaking amazing! It's easy to blow through a few times in an afternoon!

Vlad Whyte said...

To me Aria and Sorrow are equal and are slightly superior to Symphonia because of the Soul system which reminds me of Shaman King and surprise! Konami made 2 Shaman King games with the engine and spirit system of Aria of Sorrow, I still love Master of Spirits 1 and 2! Too bad they're f-ing expensive to get!

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