Sega CD Nightmares (Mini-Series)

Posted by The Devil Burning On Thursday, October 27, 2011 6 comments

Sega CD Nightmares #4 - Lunar

     I never thought I would actually buy a single game so many times.  If you go back to an older video where I first discovered that Lunar SS had 7 variants I was devastated and didn't even consider that I would get all the variants.  Especially considering that each copy can fetch anywhere from as "low" as $30 all the way up to about $90 a piece. Depending on which variant you are after and who else might be bidding against you of course.

Sega CD Nightmares #3 -Discs

 Here is our continuing obsessive disorder in episodic fashion...
Sega CD Nightmares #2 - Inlays

The nightmares of collecting for Sega CD are plentiful. Here you can laugh at my obsessive disorder for perfection. This seemed liked an interesting idea... hope you enjoy!

Sega CD Nightmares #1 - Manuals


kickflipjr said...

That is a bit to OCD for me.

I think it is kind of cool to get manuals with codes or notes in the back. Sometimes I will get a game with a ripped out page of a magazine in it (with the codes list). It's cool seeing the history of that copy of the game.

The Devil Burning said...

I also thought it would be interesting to show some of those things. Which is why I decided to put together this short series. It also shows the standard of quality for my sega cd collection I decided to go for. I also thought it would be interesting for some to see the process of attempting those kinds of standards for such a neglected and failed system. Many people don't think much of the sega cd and underestimate how difficult it can be to collect a complete set in very good condition. I am here to show otherwise... and hopefully make it somewhat entertaining. So I hope you enjoyed man and thanks for watching and commenting!

Retrokaiser said...

I liked it. I want to see more episodes.
Please do one on the Cases themselves.

P.S. Nomatter what thing you see on this site. Theres no escaping the dick jokes. lololololol

The Devil Burning said...

:D I already have 4 episodes recorded I just have to edit and post which is easy so fear not my friend... they are cumming.

Anonymous said...

I've run into quie a few games that have that water stank. It's pure ass butt.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's crazy. I didn't realise there were so many variants.

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