Top 5 Super Spooky Games for this Halloween Season

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Sunday, October 2, 2011 3 comments

Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite time of the year is October. The entire month is a magical time where the weather is ideal, the trees get pretty, pumpkins are obtained through dubious means and jack-o-lanterns are carved beneath the Moon. All of this is crowned with the best holiday on the calendar Halloween. It's the only time you can proudly display your coffin on your front lawn, drive around in your hearse with out odd looks and go up to strangers demanding free candy while dressed up like Zombie Buddy Holly. Here's a list of five video games that will help you get into the Halloween spirit.

5. Ghost Busters

Ghost Busters for the PS3 and 360 puts you in the role of a new hire with the Ghost Busters which really works well justifying the narrative and game play.   It would make sense that you'd need to be taught how to bust ghosts, use the traps and adds to the humor when they make the new guy perform risky tasks.  While this game may not be super scary it does have a lot of spooky imagery, tons of humor and will definitely add some lighthearted fun to your Halloween.

Bustin makes me feel good!

4. Vampire: Master of Darkness

This game is as close to Castlevania as you can get on the Master System or Game Gear.  There's a vampire on the loose whose killings are being attributed to Jack the Ripper.  It's up to you the psychologist Dr Social to solve the mystery behind these murders and take out Dracula.  The game handles like an early Castlevania game pitting you against the undead terrors stalking the streets of London.  Fortunately they stand no chance against Dr Socials mighty cane!  There are quite a few weapons you can pick up along the way, the cane having the best range and attack, swords, daggers, guns and bombs aid you in putting the dead back into their graves!

 Pictured: Psychology.

3. Evil Dead: Hail to the King

Fans of Resident Evil and Silent Hill might find this game to be pretty "meh" but I rather enjoyed it.  The voice acting for one is significantly better than what you'll find in the early Resident Evil games and much better than the first Silent Hill as Ash is voiced by Bruce Campbell.  Whenever you need to let out a little bit of awesome you can hit the Bruce Campbell one liner button which is probably the games best feature.  The Evil Dead films are a huge part of my Halloween experience and being able to visit the cabin and the surrounding forest is worth the price of admission.  The visuals and sound in this game do a damn good job of building atmosphere and is perhaps the super spookiest game on the list.  It's not a very long or hard game but if you're a fan of the franchise you owe it to yourself pick this up for the PS1 or Dreamcast.

 Smokey Says: If it's to Evil to Touch it's to Evil to leave unattended in the forest.

2. Splatter House

Splatter house is a classic side scrolling beat 'em up game with a horror movie twist.  The music in the opening cut scene is chillingly fantastic.  When it comes to horror I'm a big fan of gore over "tension building" I.E. nothing cool happening for long periods of time so I really appreciate Splatter Houses 8 bit blood and guts.  Every time you punch an enemy or smack them with a 2x4 they explode violently leaving a trail of pus and guts behind you as you navigate the haunted mansion.
 Typical rape dungeon.

1. Taboo the Sixth Sense

Taboo the Sixth Sense goes a step further into the realm of the super spooky by actually channeling ancient spirits into your Nintendo.  If you want to figure out what your lucky numbers are or talk to ancient candarian demons Taboo the Sixth Sense is the right game for you.  Be forewarned however there are plenty of demons trapped inside computers so treat this game as an actual portal to Hell.  In your Nintendo.

This demon was almost certainly released by careless use of Taboo the Sixth Sense.


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