Inside the Terror Dome: Video Game Storage and Display

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, September 30, 2011 2 comments

Last week before the podcast I noticed that my bookshelf storing most of my console collection had collapsed and was leaning against my desk.  Action had to be taken!  Check it out after the jump.

You can see here just how lopsided that thing is.

The day after the show I took some materials I had, bought a few more, and rebuilt the tower of power.  I cannibalized most of this shelf to make the actual shelves of the POWER TOWER MARK II..

I used a stud finder to find some studs then attached some shelf rails to the wall.  Then you just put in the little shelf support do dads into the rails and boom!  New shelves.  This project took me many man hours.  Taking down the consoles, dismantling the bookcase, putting up the rails, running to the store for two more rails and a few more of the do dads the shelves sit on, hours of wire untangling and labelling and then setting up all the consoles again.

One of the biggest problems I ran into was all the displaced controllers.  You see the controllers used to be mounted on one side of the bookcase.  So I had to find a new home for them.  I've seen other game rooms where people use shoe organizers that hang on the back of doors to store their controllers.  So for $7.99 I found a new home for all of my controllers.
Something I've always wanted to show off on the site is my automatic AV selectors.  The larger one on the top has four inputs and one out put.  Each input has a Y splitter making it capable of accepting 8 inputs.   The output of both selectors runs into the input of my DVD Recorder making for easy recording of game play.  You'd think all the Y cables would degrade the signal but some how it manages to look quite good.  However when both AV selectors are plugged in you'll get some audio interference.  You'll notice it in the Mondo Cool TV episode with Shenmue Christmas.  That's what was causing the static and I didn't figure it out till then.  So generally the top one is plugged in as it has the most systems hooked up.


The Devil Burning said...
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The Devil Burning said...

excellent. I like peering into your dark dank pit of despair! ;) I actually like the idea of the door shoe holder thing for controllers. I have a lot of BIG controller sticks that wouldn't fit which kinda sucks because the only other place they fit is in a big box. Which I guess works for now.

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