Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 42

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This week special co host Marugaru553 joins us to talk Tokyo Game Show, defeating enemies in lines and all the interesting gaming news.  Shintai has an audio review for a movie tie in game and I bitch and moan about getting a device hooked to the internet and my book shelf storing all my consoles collapses.  All this and more after the jump!

Keiji Inafune offered to finish MML3 under contract, Capcom said no.
PSP games on Vita may be reworked to use the second stick
Microsoft trying to make a deal with Cable providers to make the 360 a set top box or some shit
To get unrestricted internet with the 3G service on PSV you have to go to the carrier. Kotaku guy wants porn on the go.  Just use wifi dummy.
Great PSV interview
Game Transfer phenomena.  People seeing dialog trees and health bars n shit.
Reed Hastings CEO Netflix, Quixster, video games
RISK MGS edition

This is the newly rebuilt tower of power.  I'll add a page on it in a bit and talk a bit about the wirey mess but this gives you a good idea of my collection.

Download.  Right Click, Save Target As.


Kazlab208 said...

Was really interesting to hear meruguru55 on the podcast for the first and last time. Hopefully he can make an appearance on the show again since it was fun hearing how his life is in the land of the rising sun

Too bad that OnLive console never really materialized into anything. Last I heard about them was in 2013 with bad news. News that involved them being bought out after the company declared bankruptcy. Well, I guess it is irrelevent now since Playstation Now exists.

That was really depressing to hear that churches in your area shut down because the economy in your area was that bad. Sucks that an organization that tries to do good for their community ends up getting shut down for financial reasons

I ended up attending one of those Ghostbusters screening when they re-released the film in theaters. Thankfully I was blessed a local theater was playing it that is a fifteen minute drive from where I live. It was practically an empty theater when I saw it so I did not have to deal with an annoying audience.

Man, did not realize the Brony situation was that bad back then. I frequently browse the chans and rarely see anything Pony related at all anymore. This is probably because the show is almost six years old now and people are starting to realize it is a program primarily meant for children.  

It was interesting to hear coverage of Tokyo Game Show from the perspective of someone that actually went to it. TGS just happened last week as I am typing this and nothing was really announced that I did not already know about. There was talk though about the delay of The Last Gurdian, Final Fantasy 15, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 getting delayed though so that probably rustled some jimmies.

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