Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 54

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, December 30, 2011 1 comments


British Steel said...

I regret to inform that the Youtube "fix" was actually a glitch. It was the old layout the day before i made that comment, only to go back the pile for rancid tampons the following saturday. I jumped the gun. I'm stuck with the current youtube stain again.

I still would like to have an MSX though. I would just have to get the fan translated version with all it's Engrish glory. I have the Subsistence set and love the old games along with the boss time attack mode and bonus video clips. But there is something about the MSX version of MG-2 that the PS2 package cannot match, and only an obsessive detail-whore like myself would enjoy. For example, the Codec mug shots look like real people. Campbell looks like Richard Crena aka Sam Troutman from Rambo. Madnar looks like Ablbert Einstein, and Big Boss looks like motherfucking Sean Connery. If you watch the back-story sequence with text, you see a shot of Solid Snake that, for better or worse, looks exactly like Willem Dafoe right out of the movie Platoon.

I also have an html copy of the original MSX instruction manual translated to English. It has that important stuff like the "tap-code" puzzle, which I had to refer to playing the PS2 game because Konami neglected to give that to us. I was too lazy to go on gamefaqs and get the radio frequency. It also mentioned that there was supposed to be a tank battle, but it had to be scrapped for time constraints.

Sorry for the long-winded comment. I just really had time to think this through.

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