Mondo Cool TV 0008.00

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British Steel said...


08th MS Team is my favorite of the One Year War saga. The best part is not just the story or characters or mobile suits, but the little details. The gear and support crews on the ground are just like real life and not overly sci-fi like in the other anime. For example; they cook a can of stew with a Coleman-like campfire propane burner you can buy at Walmart. The anti-tank rocket Shiro uses to knock out Comander Topp's Zaku was just like an M72 LAW used by today's armies. It gives the anime a more realistic and gritty feel. I like the more down-to-earth (excuse the pun) feel than the Newtypes, psycommu mobile armors and telepathy you get with Amuro and Char. Also, Shiro may be an idealist, but he's still not a whiny bitch like Kou Uraki. All in all, good review, but the Shuddering Mountian was an excellent 2-parter.


Where can one find these Sonic books new? I am really interested in them and I share your enthusiasm about how the from covers look like the Genesis box art. I was hoping I could buy from a small business and not Amazon. As a graphic designer, I would buy them just for that.

Arcade Legacy gives me an erection. The gun game you mentioned is Time Crisis. The sequel has a submachine gun that does the same thing.

78strider said...

awesome episode as always, great stuff

Retrokaiser said...

Yo, British Steel. I can help with the Sonic Comics.

1. Newsagents & Post Offices
2. Comic Book Stores
3. Online (But thats more if you want older issues too.)

Shintai said...

@British Steel I agree, 08th MS Team's a really good OVA and is definitely more down to earth than the other Universal Century related stuff. Also, Kou Uraki is actually my least favorite Gundam pilot. As for Shuddering Mountain, I thought it was good for the most part, but I thought the whole "saved by the amulet when shot" cliche REALLY took away from that scene, and I wasn't bashing Shuddering Mountain specifically, it was more the episode Last Order, which had Kiki and the other dude hanging out with kids and shit, I thought it was pointless and stupid.

British Steel said...


Yeah I don't even consider the kid episode a real one. The best part of that episode was the beginning 30 seconds when we see Gelgoogs and Musai cruisers getting powned by off-screen GMs while the Komusai capsule sends the kiddies down to earth.

DeathAdder83 said...

I can't believe that I'm just not watching this. Man, for 10 bucks that arcade looks like heaven. That should be a once a month trip. Also if the Sega Saturn isn't number 1 on your Top 10 list, I'll eat my hat!

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