Blu-Ray Review: Hiiro no Kakera ~The Tamayori Princess Saga~ Season Two (2012)

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Hiiro no Kakera Season Two is a romantic fantasy show and contains the second part of this show's storyline titled "The Tamayori Princess Saga".  Continuing right after the first season where we see our characters recovering after getting their butts whooped and moping over a very precious artifact taken from them by a group called Logos (pronounced "Low-gose" and not to be confused with "Low Goose").  This is where we see the toll of being a guardian really effecting the Five Guardians (Takuma Onizaki, Mahiro Atori, Yuichi Komura, Shinji Inukai, and Suguru Oomi) as we see Shinji and Suguru getting really sick of all the fighting.  The two of them end up going to the enemy (Logos) to talk to them about something mysterious.  Turns out Shinji has a dark past with them and just wants to talk with Logo's leader whom is a little girl named Aria Rozenburg.  Suguru is going there for even darker means as he wants to join up with them outright.  Shinji ends up getting treated like crap and is booted out while Suguru is accepted and Is now part of Logo's higher ranks.  Tamaki Kasuga (the Tamayori Princess) is also facing some trouble as without the artifacts the seal that holds a world destroying demon has grown very weak and in order to seal the demon up for good they must do the unthinkable... They must sacrifice the Tamayori Princess as the seal requires her blood to lock up the demon and save the world.  Takuma isn't happy at all about the situation and he starts trying his best to protect her from her dark fate.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The story in this show could've worked very well but instead it comes off as very messy and badly paced.  Barely anything happens in this show as well, all we get is useless blabber that isn't very good followed by a very tiny amount of story progression, it's very tedious.  I also found myself being very bored with this show and I did doze off during some parts (I'm not joking) and when I went back to see what I missed I saw nothing but more useless blabbering that doesn't add to the story.  When they aren't blabbering or giving us (the very rare) story progression we see them fighting.  Most of the fight scenes in this show are very mediocre.  The action does get better towards the end but not worth sitting through this whole show to just to see one fight scene.  Characters in this show are very bland and stock to where we have seen these characters done before.  They aren't only stock and bland but are also very badly done and there is barely any development with them.  Another way to put these characters into words is that they are like gum.  Sure after a few chews it has some flavor but very shortly after the show loses it's taste and gets better use being stuck under a park bench never to be seen again.  This show also has very creepy segments that happen after the show's credits where the main male cast hit on you.  I see that this show was going for a romantic feeling with these segments but in the end it just comes off as sleazy making me feel very cheap.

Artwork in this show is good but not great as while we do see some very beautiful scenery we also see some very generic designs used for the cast.  The monsters in this show are done with computer generated images and they don't look to bad actually but much like the main cast we see, they are very generic looking although not as generic looking as the main cast.  Animation ranges from passable to very badly done and when it's bad it looks like it was done using a cheap flash animation program.  There actually isn't that much animation in terms of movement as it's mainly mouth movement so you can watch this show without looking at the TV as you won't be missing much with the animation.  English dub is passable and they do go with the characters but it doesn't stand out and you will forget about it not that long after you have finished watching the show (hence why I had to write this bit quickly as it's already fading from my memory fast as I am writing this).  Soundtrack is very forgettable and I can barely remember what it sounds like.  From what I can remember before it leaves my brain fully is that it has a soft pop-rock sound that reminds you of walking in a field (or forest) during a very gentle breeze.

There's a very small amount of bonuses in the special features section.  You get an art gallery that's full of some very beautiful artwork of the scenery and characters in many different forms and I liked this art gallery much better than the entire series (sad but true).  Plus you get text-less opening and closing credit sequences which were okay but you won't be watching them more than once.

Overall this wasn't a very good show and I don't recommend watching this.  The story and characters have nothing going on for them and even if you did watch this you will find this show to be very forgettable.  Not worth your time.

Title: Hiiro no Kakera ~The Tamayori Princess Saga~ Season Two
Animation Studio: Studio Deen
Genre: Animation/Anime, Action, Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Running Time: 312 Minutes (13 Episodes)
Distributor: Hanabee Entertainment (
Rating: M15+ (Animated violence)
Price: $64.99
Recommended: No


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