Tiger Claw Radio #122 - The Trouble With Tags

Posted by Critical Failure On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 1 comments

Steam has rolled out its new tag feature with a hilarious wave of abuse! Check out the 122nd episode of Tiger Claw Radio!

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Retrokaiser said...

Good episode and thanks for the birthday shout out!

I know that arcade stick all too well as I just happen to own one myself. The stick is very tough, sterdy, responsive and best of all it is affordable. The only downside is that this stick doesn't work with PS2 fighting games that don't use the analouge sticks as it is mapped to the left stick.

Also I have moved on from Mortal Kombat 2 for the PC and onto the actual version that's on my dad's arcade cabnet. I've also been fine-tuning my Johnny Cage to where he can smash both men and non-men. Darabka, I'm comming for you Dutch-Irish Glockenspiel!

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