Blu-Ray Review: Adventure Time - The Complete Third Season (2011 - 2012)

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"Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season" is an animated adventure comedy series about two adventurers named: Jake the Dog (a magical Pug that has the ability to stretch) and Finn the Human (just a normal boy that loves to do good and have fun adventures). Together they travel across vast lands, explore dangerous dungeons, rescuing princesses from the evil (but not so tough) Ice King, saving normal folks from monsters, chilling out and playing games on BMO (their walking, talking video game console), and that's only a sample of what these heroes do. Some of the craziness you will see in these episodes are: Finn and Princess Bubblegum trying to get rid of a crazy lemon man, Finn and Jake trying to solve a murder mystery at a mansion, Finn and Jake going through Ice King's secret VHS tapes on Christmas Day, and we even get a very classic episode where we have an opposite world with characters named: Cake the Cat and Fiona the Human. So what time is it? (Time to click "Read More" so you can read the full review).

The story in this show is mostly episodic but what they have done in this season is made more episodes that are sequels to episodes from the first two seasons. I liked both episodic and sequel episodes and personally believe that this is the right season to introduce that concept. The humor in this season is very funny to where I near split my sides (metaphorically as I don't want my sides actually splitting as my kidneys will fall out and I will ultimately die of blood loss, that is an image that most people don't want to think of). There is one problem I have with the humor in this season and that is that the humor has been dumbed down a little bit to where it's more childish... Real childish to where only real little kids would enjoy. Don't fear though as the good humor outweighs the bad and you still get all the good humor in here that both adults and kids will enjoy.

There are a load of adventures in this one too with some really fun action and it's bound to get everybody excited. This show can also have a serious side to it to and it does it pretty well. Characters in this show are really good and each character (including the minor) has a unique personality. Good guy or bad guy you are sure to like them all as they are all loveable.

Artwork in this show has a very simple look to it with a lot of cartoony designs that gives me a very nostalgic Saturday morning cartoon feeling. Backgrounds in this show are quite imaginative with something new to spot with every viewing. I love the character designs in this show as they also have a lot of imagination put into them and charm just radiates off them like brightness off the sun. There is one problem I have with the art though and that is that some of the models can be inconsistent on the characters sizing. Animation in this show is decent and I have no problems with it. Voice acting in this show is very good with voices that match up with the characters really well and ends up being very memorable. I really enjoyed the soundtrack in this one as it used a very nice mixture of folk rock and electronic that sounded really good.

There is a small but tight selection of special features included with this season. You get an alternative version of the show's intro where it is done completely in Lego blocks. I really liked it as it was recreated perfectly and ended up being charming and fun. There is also a mini-documentary with Pendleton Ward and other members of the crew going over the details on what working on the show is like. This documentary wasn't bad at all and while not overly detailed on the information you'll be happy with the feature anyway as it was presented very well. Lastly you get commentary tracks over every single episode in this season and it was good to listen to as you get some very neat information on what it was like to work on the show and the information is bound to make you go: "Wow! I did not know that".

Overall this was a very good season with some of the best episodes this show has to offer. I wouldn't say it was my favorite season though as that honor goes to season two (review can be found "here") but alas this season is defiantly worth a watch. Great television.

Title: Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season
Animation/Production Studio: Frederator Studios, Cartoon Network Studios
Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy, Children
Running Time: 286 minutes (26 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (
Rating: PG (Mild crude humor, Animated violence)
Price: $34.95
Recommended: Yes


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