Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 101

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Episode 101 had some snags but the downloadable version has thankfully edited that all out for your listening pleasure.
tetris DX high score
186,174 Level 20   205 Lines
184,717 Level 20.  205 Lines

Godzilla Destroy all Monsters Melee

Godzilla drive in

Zombie Revenge VMU saves?

Sorry Balzak for missing last weeks air time

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter.  Stick around for cameo at the end.

Pokemon Ruby and Saphire remakes.  No thanks.

bought Zero Tolerance for Genesis.

Totally forgot the new youtube accounts log in info.  LOL.  What a retard.

Shenmue and Okami worst game ever?  Chilean newspapr says so.  commercial failures maybe?


Kinectless Xboner isn't helping.  LOL.  Maximum damage control.

AVGN Desert Bus

Sony E3 in theaters

Shut up and Jam



#1 Many people say thinks like you did that anyone has the rights to free speech, but this is not a free speech issue.
Free speech is about whether the governemnt can press charges against you or take your assets.
In this case, if they can take away his team or asets it is because of the agreement he signed agreeing to a code of
conduct.  If he signed no such agreement they would noit have any power against him.  BUt not at all a free speech issue,
others have the right to bitch about it.  If he does not want o be banned from nba or forced to sell, do not sign a
contract giving others the rights to demand such.

#2 About modern gaming going to shit, I just hear Smash Bros WiiU is going to use the fucking skylanders thingy by
scanning fucking toys on the Gamepad  Not sure exactly how it is going to be used but if they require me to buy a
fucking doll to get the full game they can fuck themselves fuck peole are stupid with skylanders and disney infinity.
Is this where we want gaming to go where u must buy fucking dolls to unlock the game?

#3 Nothing wrong with getting an Outa as a dedicated emulator box for the living room.
Especially good if you havbe it and load woith free emulators, the way they should be.
(I don't have one, I use a Wii for my TV emulation needs, bloody awesome)

#4 That's all!


They have always said Saturn emulation is extremely hard to try to do and may not ever happen.
Round eye could not do it!  The Japanese have done it!  From what I have read this one Japanese dude has been working
for EIGHT years and finally has put out a decent Sega Saturn emulator!  My ass FINALLY got to play radiant silvergun!
The next game I will try is Three Dirty Dorfs.

Do not confuse with the Yabause emulator which is still pretty shitty, at least from what I have read this new one is
pretty good. Radiant silvergun so far is the only one I have played but it SEEMED to be perfect as far as I could tell.
You can tell the audience on the show to get it is called SSF Saturn emulator.  And to get a region free bios you can
download from do a search for saturn bios it comes right up.

Interestingly if you program a real saturn bios chip with this bios and install into a real Saturn, it does make it
region free.  Not backups, just region free.  I know you do not mess with emulation but people in your audience might
be interested in this.

mechaMenace said...

I'm glad I checked the Facebook or else I would have missed the show. Would you consider posting scheduled times
May 13, 2014 at 3:07 PM

 mechaMenace said...

Regarding Capcom's focus on mobile games:
Capcom reported having 152 million in the bank in October 2013. Surviving as the company with which we all grew
to love isn't working financially. Let's hope they gain much with this new major focus on mobile platforms,
but also that it doesn't take away their spirit to develop the action and fighting titles we enjoy. At least
they aren't like Atari who closed their doors and had other companies adopt their names through the years.
They are still the original Capcom.
May 13, 2014 at 3:09 PM

 mechaMenace said...

Regarding DLC and the current way the industry is trying to make money:
This might be more of a ramble. Bear with me. Media has always been a gamble.
Who knows what is going to become popular and financially successful? Understandably we are upset when
some of the game is unlocked as DLC. Personally I judge a game based on its merits without an internet connection.
I use to believe DLC kept devs employed with their meager salaries, but just look at all the devs that closed shop
 or swallowed by a larger company (then shut after sales didn't meet the big guy's standards) in the last generation.
I think you guys are right that targeting ads through social media and blogs is the right way to go but it still feels
so disorganized than the original blanket advertising in TV and magazines used when most of us were growing up.
How the fuck do you make a blockbuster and guarantee a return?!
May 13, 2014 at 3:24 PM

 mechaMenace said...

I'm hogging the comments here, but hopefully all these topics bring up good discussion points,

On to other matters. What Justin might regard as a throw-away comment, I found insightful,
regarding a Youtube member I watch regularly, lukemorse1. I remember watching his videos and him talking
about his family and even showing his baby in one video. Then I never heard of them again. The video to which
 you guys referred is now taken down and I had to search "Lukemorse1 final video" to watch it. Even though this
may have been the talk of the town back in 2009, I am just hearing it now. His story is not one to be mocked;
rather it is a lesson from which people should learn. I can only imagine the teen and twenty-something-old crowd
 being dipshits. A hard dose of living on their own should teach them some responsibility.

Ha ha ha...I just noticed the tag testicles in the list next to the comments box.

 The Devil Burning said...

Good points mecha! i enjoyed reading over your comments. So feel free to hog the comment section all you like.
Think of it as an extra spacious movie theater or luxory car... or even an obese prostitute... Regarding Luke,
it was pretty controversial since we all only ever saw him in a good mood. I think it was honorable to project
that amount of honesty onto his audience and I still watch his vids to this day and still think he's an OK dude
 in my book. I think a lot of people that gave/give him shit about it have obviously never lost something as
important to them as his wife and kid was to him. But as you put it, real life will most certainly reach the
mature and immature alike. None of us are immortal nor immune to suffering or death. We shall see if those same
 people pick themselves up, learn from it, and move forward. As I believe Luke has done.
May 17, 2014 at 9:33 PM

 Retrokaiser said...

There's already a "Motherfucker Day" and it's called "Father's Day".

There's a story to why I am not on Skype right now and that is due to my internet.
I'm currently using a shitty ass USB Wi-Fi stick that costs me $50 for 3GB. Shit son I could buy a house in
Dayton for that. If I used Skype then it'll drain my stick dry.

P.S. Check out my review of "The Raid: Redemption" in one of the issues of MCM!.

P.P.S. Do a datenight episode on Custers Revenge. VAG BAGERS FOR LIFE!

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Retrokaiser said...

Meh I'd be interested in "Buttsex Cowboys" if it were about two hot women instead of Bubbleboy and The Joker.

I have a film recommendation for you guys (actually I have a few):

Battle Royale
Forbidden Kingdom
The Toxic Avenger
Sweating to the Oldies
Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes
There Was Once A Bitter Bastard (That's a more hit or miss one)
TIm & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

Retrokaiser said...

Oh and here are some guilty pleasures of the "so bad it's good" kind that you may or may not like:
Junk Boy
MD Geist II

P.S. I was on Skype the day of recording... WHY DIDN'T YOU BUTTSEX COWBOYS INVITE ME?

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