Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 108

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, January 14, 2015 4 comments

the Devil Burning pilots this episode of the Mondo Cool Cast.  Check it out after the jump.

-PlayStation is Now embedded into TVs

-Fuck these fuckers

-Till I'm proven wrong, only the big guns can pull this off and get away with it


-Judd Apatow and Pee Wee :)

-Kickass home arcade motion system now supports 1986 Outun

-Kickstarter for retro-themed platformer where you play as Glorious Leader!

-Quake played on vector monitor


-Concept art for Bioshock film that never was

-Retard dog

-DVDs of The Interview to be air dropped over North Korea....Yep!

-I don't see too many of these games any more (Bubble Bobble-esque)

-Talk about retro. This guy thinks its 2006 again! I really hate these videos.

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The Devil Burning said...

Here's a link to my sloppy PS4 list

Movie List

British Steel said...

Devil Burning:

I share your taste for Gentleman Jack. Shit's smooth. But stay away from Jack Daniel's Single Barrel.

Black Flag is the only AC game I've played. I loved it. I was particularly fond of the sailing and ship fighting/looting. Do yourself a favor: once you can, get all the Mayan artifacts. Once you collect all of them, you can go to some island and get bulletproof Mayan armor. I only realized how good it was until after I beat all the story missions. I'm replaying from the beginning on a new file so I can have all the good armor from the beginning.

The Devil Burning said...

I grew out of Jack at some point so there'll be no Jack unless it's gentlemen. Normally I drink Jameson almost as much as I breath air. Might treat myself to one of those bottles of Rogue liqour.

I think Assassins Creed II is kinda fun too or at least what I played of it. Most of the time when I check out peoples opinion on the series, the mostly consider AC:II and AC: BF to be the to best. I am currently occupying all of my playtime raising my wanted level and battling ships for precious goods in order to upgrade my ship satisfactorily. Might finish story someday.. lol

mechaMenace said...

There's a big difference between Jerry's (JT) opening music and the emo bullshit The Devil Burning uses. I kid, I kid :)

Regarding the younger generation (I'm old) getting into old-timey games, I view it like any hobby or fascination. More power to them. Most kids are grow up with the latest tech that when faced with a Game Boy and its 4-bit palette or even Sega Genesis, they lose! If you want the game community's interest in retro to survive past our generation, you gotta welcome those 20 years olds who get off on the N64 library so much. Although, they might pick up a copy of Crusader of Centy or Pocky & Rocky 2 at the Goodwill and not really appreciate the game other than the fact that they are old games or that they are worth a pauper's fortune.

I should have stayed with the hobby back in 97, damn it.

I'll have to ask about the Gamester BS you two discussed. Conventions should really prohibit sales before the public enters. Though I doubt that would make a difference since sellers can't keep track of everyone buying their stuff with all the commotion on the show floor.

PS about the other / fun section:

Dumb dog should have chewed through the cord.

Movies: I recommend Gentlemen Broncos.

Also thanks to JT, I discovered the Penn Sunday school podcast. Good stuff. I recommend you peruse the Kevin Smith array of podcasts on the Smodcast podcast webpage.

Ask me about how the game industry is like the comic industry.

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