Mondo Preview: Project Numbus (PC)

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"Project Nimbus" is an action packed science fiction game that has you playing as a mecha pilot trying to take out armies that are hell bent on taking over what's left of planet Earth.  Your mech is packed to the rims (even though that's cars that have rims) with weaponry such as: Bullets, rockets, more rockets, heavy duty anti-air bullets and rockets, drones, some mighty fine boosters that now only help you go fast but it also helps with your megaton punch.  Your enemies aren't as packed with weapons as you are but don't take them too lightly as they can be pretty tough as some of them have tougher armor and laser beams of death.  Sit back as this is no normal project bur Project Nimbus.  (Click "Read More" to read the full article).

The story in this game so far is very basic and you won't find yourself confused with the story much like watching an episode of "G.I. Joe (1983 - 1986)" but with mechs.  The story does get deeper and more complex the further you go in but sadly the story progression ends at "Act 1" as there's only one act in this version.  This will be a four act game and the story shows promise but the story is also a thing that can be skipped as well as you don't need it to know how to beat the levels from watching the cut-scenes, it doesn't hurt to watch them though.  This may be one act but it has six levels that all have two parts to them making this version twelve stages long and the levels were very fun and didn't drag out nor were they too short.

The missions you are given are very simple as they range from wiping out waves of invaders, going undercover as an enemy and stealing enemy weapons, and defending people from being attacked.  They are very typical kind of missions and can be found in many mecha games but I'm not complaining as those settings work all too well.  The difficulty of this game isn't bad as the missions will start easy and gradually become harder at a natural pace.  The only thing you really need to worry about are the bosses as they were very tough and need some strategy if you want to come out of the mission alive.

Controls in this game are built for keyboard and mouse as the way you move and fight in this game won't transfer well to an Xbox 360 controller or any other kind of USB controller for that matter.  You'll use most of the left side of the keyboard to move around, you use the number buttons to switch weapons although you can use the mouse wheel as an alternative, you use the spacebar to  boost, and you use the mouse to move around the camera and to use weapons.  That might sound like it'll take a lot of work to get your hands in a good position but it's no different from playing any standard PC game that uses keyboard and mouse.  The controls were very smooth and responsive and if felt like I was putting a hot knife through butter as that's how smooth it was.

When fighting enemies, you can target onto them by right clicking them and I found this to be good but can also be a little annoying, especially while trying to lock on your main target while they are surrounded by other enemy mechs. One problem you will face is that this lock-on system might also make you dizzy as when you lock on the speedy enemies you'll see the camera going all over the place.  Hopefully that gets fixed up to where it will make me less dizzy but not too much to where it ruins the camera style as I like the camera style as it makes me feel like I am not limited to gravity and makes me feel free.

Level designs in this game really suit the game and help build that futuristic sci-fi pilot feeling.  Some levels did have some problems like how some areas that you have to clear were a bit too cramp for high speed mech battles and you will find it really hard not to crash into the walls.  A lot of these areas don't have that problem I mentioned in the prior sentence as most of the areas are very wide, giving a lot of freedom to move around.  I also get a jolt of excitement just flying around without battling any other mechs as it feels great and free (like the lock-on camera).

The graphics in this game look very decent with a clean look.  I really dug the designs for the mechs as they had a classic militaristic tank look but modified to look like robots.  The soundtrack sounded good but it isn't anything that you are going to remember for a long time.  Voice acting during the cut-scenes were decent and suited the game very well.

Overall I am very happy with how this game is turning out and looking forward to how the final product will turn out.  If you are impatient you can actually play this preview build as it is available on the Steam store in the "Early Access" section although it is a bit steep at $14.99.  An upside by getting this version is that you are guaranteed to get the final version when it is released.  Either way, this is shaping up to be one hell of a game.  You can look forward to our review of the final product when it is released.


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