Steam Game Review: Deer Hunt Legends (2013)

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"Deer Hunt Legends" is an arcade styled hunting game where you travel the world to hunt down some nice game.  Some of the places you will visit include: Rocky Mountains, European Forest, and the African Savannah just to name a few.  Some of the animals you will hunt include: Deer, Moose, Wolves, Mountain Lions, and even the commonly found Squirrel and T-Rex which you'll find in every good neighborhood.  Are you man enough to grab a gun, go to the mountains, and go hunting right from your own home?  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

There isn't a story to be found in this game and this is a game that doesn't need one as it is all about the action.  Gameplay is very simple as all you have to do is to complete the goals that each level gives you.  The goals range from you having to hunt down an animal, protect animals from other animals, or even tag animals. You are allowed to shoot most animals even if they aren't part of the goal but you are not allowed to kill off any Doe (a deer, a female deer) but other than that you can shoot at anything.  Sometimes you have no choice but to shoot down wolves or bears as there are certain animals in this game that will charge right at you and you'll lose some health when attacked.  You will get points for each animal you shoot but shooting a Doe will cause you to lose points.

You do get a few different guns to try out in this game and they all come in handy.  I personally liked the gun with the scope as it was fun shooting animals afar, I also liked the buckshot gun because puncturing a moose's lungs was just plain satisfying.  That's right as hitting vital parts of animals will do more damage and get you some nice bonus points for hitting vital organs.  After each stage you will find that you'll be greeted with a bonus stage that give you goals that are no different from goals in the main level but they are good for adding more points to your score.  Once you get to the end of each hunting range you'll be faced with a boss battle and the boss battles are very insane and tough as you are hunting down animals that are no longer around. Boss battles also play differently as they resemble boss battles found in the light gun game "Time Crisis (1996)".  You will also level up your stats from completing a certain amount of stages and you will need them.  This game does also have multiplayer but good luck trying to get that to work.

I do have a problem with the gameplay as this game is fun but only for an hour or so as you'll get bored with it after that time period and will never want to come back to it.  The reason why is every level starts to feel the same and you'll just feel like that you are playing the first world over and over again.  That problem is also a problem that plagues most of the games of this genre and was sad to see this fall under the same problem as them as this game showed some great promise at the beginning. 

The biggest problem with this game is that when you get game over you will find that the game breaks.  This game does give you the option to continue but it doesn't work as it says that you need to buy credits from the store but the store is completely empty and you can't buy anything.  The store also looks like it was made for micro-transactions so maybe this game did have it on another system but the way the store was programmed in this version was poorly done.  In order to continue playing the game you must delete your save and start up a new one and that is very jarring..

Controls are ridiculously simple as all you do is move the mouse around and hit left click to fire.  When you are out of blammo ammo all you have to do is just hit the left mouse button again and the gun will reload.  Some levels will have you using the right mouse button to zoom in with a scope and other levels will have you switching in-between certain type of guns by rolling the mouse wheel found in-between the left and right mouse buttons.  You can move the camera around in this game and you will have to as certain animals you need to hunt will be out of your field of vision.  In order to move the camera you just simply hit the W,A,S,D keys and they weren't bad to control as they were smooth and responsive.

Graphics in this game have basic designs for both animal and scenery alike.  The graphics will not amaze you but they won't make you outraged either.  One thing that was terrible about the graphics was that some of the 3D models had a weird look to where you could see inside their bodies due to how their necks were connected to their bodies.  The reason why it looked weird is due to how hollow their bodies are and it did ruin the experience for me.  The scenery does look better than the animals but still nothing special.  The problem I have with the scenery is that each level looks very samey to where you don't feel like that you are in another country.

Sadly this game doesn't hold your attention long enough to warrant a recommendation and also the game breaking bug is also to blame.  If you are desperate then just wait until this game hits a PC gaming bundle but you are better off just playing the hunting games found in the arcades.  Not recommended.

Game: Deer Hunt Legends
System: PC
Developer: Raylight Games
Publisher: KISS ltd, Maximum Games
Genre: Arcade, Hunting
Price: $4.99 (Steam)
Recommended: No


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