Steam Game Review: QP Shooting - Dangerous!! (2014)

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"QP Shooting - Dangerous!!" is a vertical 2D schmup game for the PC.  This game has you playing as "QP", a cute little cat-girl dressed up in a cute little sailor uniform.  QP is a girl on a mission as something bad happened to her that hurt her feelings, this thing was so bad, so heinous, so vile, so nasty, and so not very nice at all and this thing will shock you...  Somebody took QP's pudding snacks (GASP).  Now QP is out for blood... And pudding and now has to fly around and defeat waves upon waves of enemies and ask friends and foes alike just to find her sweet, sweet, snacks.  She may look sweet but believe me, you don't want to be in her path of destruction.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The story in this game is very juvenile but passable as it does help give you incentive to play through the game to see how the story unfolds.  The cut-scenes focuses on comedy to compliment the juvenile story and it is also passable as there were some jokes that did give me a good laugh but there were some that I just didn't care for.  This game surprisingly keeps the mystery of what happened to the pudding very well as it will keep you on the edge of your seats guessing why the pudding was taken.

There are two modes you can play in this game and they are: "Arcade Mode" and "Conquest Mode".  Arcade Mode is as expected as it's just you going through the game normally.  Conquest Mode is an interesting feature as in this mode you are limited to using the basic weaponry and plus it has the ability to save the game in-between every level, so you don't have to beat this in one sitting.  A thing you should know about  Conquest Mode is that when you get game over and continue your game, your lives won't reset to default lives but rather you are stuck with the amount of lives you started that level off with.  This is both an upside and a downside depending on how many lives you have at the point of saving so you could be dominating with seven plus lives or barely getting through the game on a save that has only one life (those two examples also just happen to be the amount of lives my actual save files had).

Controls in this game are very simple as you move around with the keys, shoot with the "Z" key, and go into "Hyper Mode" by pressing "X" when your special bar is full enough.  All Hyper Mode does is just make all of your weapons ten times as powerful and it does come in handy so don't waste it.  There are also some interesting things in this game and that is you can customize your weapons by picking certain types of weapon formations into one of your three weapon formation spots.  You can unlock more and more weapons formations by spending points you collect from when you get to the end of each level.  Once you got your formations picked, you can switch between them anytime with the use of the "A", "S", and "D" keys.  This formation switching mode only works in "Arcade Mode" as "Conquest Mode" has you playing with the standard set of weapons.  It doesn't take long to learn how to use the different weapon formations and I much prefer this method as it makes it more easy to destroy enemies and especially enemies that attack you from the rear.

The difficulty in this game is interesting as the first half is very easy but then when you reach the half-way point in the game (middle of stage three) the game suddenly becomes very hard and it feels like a kick in the teeth.  When I say "a kick in the teeth" I don't mean in the way where you'll give up and never go back and go running crying to your mama.  I mean that in the way where you just get back on your feet and fight, fight, fight until you have beaten the game.  While very hard I wouldn't say that this game is impossible as the stages are easy to learn and you'll get better with practice and I don't mean a whole lot either.

If you own the original game, "QP Shooting 1" then you can carry your currency points from that save file over to this ghame.  I wasn't able to test this out as I do not own the first game and this feature isn't going to be used much by Steam players as the prior game isn't out on Steam and so you'll need to track it down via another and it can be difficult to track down.  I also don't know if this feature adds anything else special (other than currency points) to the game but if you do know, leave a comment as I am very curious to know (or better yet, let me know where I can get the original game). 

If you also own the game "100% Orange Juice (2013)" (it's also on Steam and I do recommend it) and have this game then you'll have an extra character unlocked in "100% Orange Juice" that you can't get via any other means.  The character you unlock is the "QP Shooting - Dangerous!!" version of "QP" (the original design for "QP" is also in "100% Orange Juice" but you get her in a different way).  I like this special feature as it really does feel special and be nice to see this feature implemented in other games by "Orange_Juice".

The graphics in this game are very cute with a chibi style and I liked this art-style as it is very pleasant to look at and has some basic but decent character designs.  Just because all the characters look cute, doesn't mean that they don't look threatening as the enemies in this game do have a menacing vibe to them that'll make you want to stay away from them.  I was mixed on the level designs of this game as some of them lacked imagination which made them a bit plain to look at.  All of the good background designs all have a decent amount of imagination put into them and come out looking very fun to where it'll put a smile on your face.

Overall I enjoyed this game although I wouldn't recommend this game as your introduction to the schmup genre as there are many games I'd recommend you getting on Steam before this game... Unless you find this game in a bundle and in that case you should get it right away.  Despite that I do recommend this game as there is some fun to be had with this game.  Not a bad game.

Game: QP Shooting - Dangerous!!
System: PC
Developer: Orange_Juice
Publisher: Fruitbat Factory
Genre: Action, Schmup
Price: $7.99 (Steam)
Recommended: Yes


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