Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 109

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, March 30, 2015 5 comments

the Devil Burning pilots another episode of the Mondo Cool Cast.  I will have a PC running again very shortly.  I've been enjoying someone handling the hosting what about you's guys?  Check it out after the jump.

I don't have show notes on hand so you know oops.  I'll update this post later, maybe?

Looks like I did update it later.  Neat.

New Gundam series

New Lupin III Series To Debut In 2015


The Order 1886 articles

Anita Sarkeesian bullshit links

Law and Order Gamergate episode

More Anita bullshit

Bithead1000: Youtuber of the Year  history of Mankind

Dragons Dogma Online

Simply Sara

Evolve and Its "DLC Hub" - Has Gaming Evolved FOR THE WORSE? - YouTube

Trippy Video "I, pet goat II" on Vimeo

E3 2014: Titanfall 2 Coming to Xbox One and PS4 - Report - GameSpot

Sega to Axe 300 Jobs as Focus Turns to PC and Mobile - GameSpot

Half-Life 2's Cut Content Tells A Very Different Story

Meet The Guy Who Spent Seven Months Killing Everyone In Fallout 3

Video Update #3A April 2013 Rare Syphon Filter 3 American Flag Cover I Want - YouTube

Demons Souls VGA Egay

Console color collecting shit (site fucked up)

Christian Weston Chandler Documentary

HD Retrovision cable stuff

Tri-ace buy out

Toe Jam & Earl kickstarter shit

TJ&E developer interview

Somehow, we're getting a new Wonder Boy game

Last Guardian trademark

Batman Arkham Knight gets an "M" Rating

Net Neutrality shit

Mature Power Rangers (updated article)

Google AI Taught Itself How To To Be A Pro At Classic Video Games

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The Devil Burning said...
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The Devil Burning said...

Link to show links durrr

DeathAdder83 said...

That 4 hour podcast really hit the spot, great show guys!

I think the highlight was Jared talking about bringing electronics in to the bath tub with him, which will never not be the best thing ever.

Also, I just watched Simply Sara's corn dog tutorial video where she mentions hot dogs affecting her husband's tourettes, and I totally get the appeal, I SUBBED!

theGamingBeast said...

Fuckin yeah! New MCC!

The Devil Burning said...

God damn I'm glad someone else finally gets the appeal of Simply Sara
<3 u Deathadder!

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