Blu-Ray Review: Hellsing Ultimate Collection Three - Episodes IX and X (2012)

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"Hellsing Ultimate Collection Three" is the third (and final) volume of the Hellsing Ultimate OVA series and contains the final two episodes.  Just a mild warning as this paragraph will contain spoilers and so if you haven't watched the first two collections then you might want to skip this part and head straight to the next paragraph.  Brittan is burning and is flooded with blood and bodies after The Major invading the UK with his army of undead Nazi's and the Hellsing Corporation is doing there best at putting the invasion to a stop.  Alucard is still in a heated battle against an all-new version of Alexander Anderson.  Alexander Anderson became that way due to using a special holy item to become a monster so he can out-strength Alucard.  Sadly the invasion is not even close to being over as the Major has an ace up his sleeve and that is that he had a traitor in the Hellsing Corporation the whole time and that person was none other than the trusted butler,  Walter C. Dornez.  How will this all go down in this epic conclusion of this epic series that was years in the making.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The story in this volume wraps up everything very nicely and even throws in some nice unexpected surprises that I did not see coming.  I was a bit worried about the story however as at the end of the second volume they introduce major stuff that would come into fruition in this volume and was worried that two episodes wouldn't be enough to fit everything in.  I was proven wrong as they managed to fit a lot of things in this volume and it was done in a way where it looked like nothing was cut nor were there any filler and that left for some very satisfying viewing. 

The writing in this show had moments where the story didn't make much sense but this is the kind of show where you won't care if the writing makes sense or not as this is a show you can turn off your brain and just enjoy how entertaining it is.  This final volume is also quite action packed and the action is pure awesome as the fights were well done with great choreography and an awesome atmosphere.  The action in this show is also super gory as you'll see blood and guts everywhere and I loved it as it was the good kind gore to where it was very over the top but serious at the same time much like the films "Robocop (1987)" and "Total Recall (1990)".

Art-work in this volume looks a little different than the prior episodes of the series as the characters have thicker outlines and much more use of dark shades than there normally is.  The artwork in this volume does look very good though as it uses nicely detailed backgrounds, well designed characters, and great looking weapons.  I did have one problem with the artwork though as this show does make use of 3D models and the 3D models do not look bad but they stick out like a sore thumb and don't mix in too well with the rest of the artwork. 

The animation in this show is pretty decent for the most part but there were a few times where the mouth movement of the characters looked really bad to where their mouths stretched out unnaturally wide amount and it looked very cartoony and out of place to the point of being laughably bad and no, it wasn't special vampire powers making their mouths stretch either.  The English dub for this show is very good as all the voices suited the characters well and even though some of the voices did sound cartoony they did manage to make those voices work to where you take those characters seriously.  Soundtrack for this series was very cool and I enjoyed the sound of the orchestra as it sounded very grand and made everything feel like a huge deal.

One of the highlights of these collections is the special feature sections as there is typically a whole load of great extras but sadly the special features for this collection were a little disappointing quantity wise, compared to the prior two collections.  All that is included is audio commentaries on both episodes, the next two installments of Interview Session, and a feature titled "R.I.P. In Memoriam" (ooh scandalous).  I don't really need to explain what the audio commentaries are about as it's just cast and crew talking over the episodes. 

The interview session for episode IX is a bit different than your typical interview session as it also doubles up as another commentary track but a video version to where you see the casts reactions to the show.  Interview session for episode X is just a standard interview package with the cast talking about that episode.  R.I.P In Memoriam is an interesting special feature as it's a highlight reel of all of the gruesome deaths of the main characters of both heroes and villains alike.  This feature made for a nice farewell to the series and will make you feel nostalgic for Hellsing Ultimate and also a little sad and aroused. 

What disappointed me about the special features was that the rest of the episodes from the mini-series titled "Hellsing: The Dawn" wasn't included in this collection.  The first part of that series was included in the second collection and I was hoping the rest would be included in this volume and that is a shame as I was really interested in seeing how that series ended as the first part ended on a cliffhanger.  Was also surprised to see no text-less openings and closings or convention footage included as well.   

Overall I have waited quite some time to watch this series reach its end  and was it worth the near ten year wait?  Hell yeah it was.  This was a really great closing to a really great series and I can't recommend it enough (that's including the other two volumes as well).  Great viewing.

Title: Hellsing Ultimate Collection Three - Episodes IX and X
Studio: Marvy Jack
Genre: Animation/Anime, Action, Horror/Supernatural, Drama
Running Time: 112 minutes
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Rating: R18+ (High impact animated violence)
Price: $39.95
Recommended: Yes


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