Blu-Ray Review: Kill la Kill Volume 2 (2013)

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"Kill la Kill Volume Two" is the second helping of this action comedy series and I suggest checking out the review of the first volume (right here) to get a basic idea of what the basis of the show is about.  This volume kicks off with a new character named Tsumugu Kingase, he is a person with a red Mohawk (that makes him look a bit like a roster) and a sniper rifle.  What could he be doing with a sniper rifle?  The answer wouldn't surprise you as he is after none other than the badass hero of the show, Ryuko Matoi.  What may surprise you is that he isn't after her for fame, he is a hunter that hunts down magical suits and Ryuko Matoi is no exception as she dons her perverted magical suit, Kamui.  Will she survive the attack?  That's not all, also found in this volume we see that Ryuko Matoi is getting closer to reaching her goal at defeating the sinister beauty, Satsuki Kiryuin. Sadly there is a huge roadblock in our heroes way as she is now being challenged by Satsuki Kiryuin's personal bodyguards, the Elite Four (not the same from Pok√©mon as I can assure you).  First member of the Elite Four is a guy named Uzu Sanageyama and he is super fast and super skillful with a kendo stick.  How does one survive a crazy high school like this?  The journey of Ryuko Matoi in the school from hell continues in this second volume of Kill la Kill.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The story in this volume is very good as the show has some very good, creative, entertaining writing that will keep your butt on the couch.  The main story is progressing nicely but also a bit slowly too as this volume does include some stand alone episodes that don't really have anything to do with the main plotline.  Is having stand alone episodes a bad thing for this show?  Not at all.  This show gets both episodic and consistent storytelling just right due to the way they balance out both styles in a very even and satisfying manor to where no time feels wasted.  The stand alone episodes are also very interesting in their own right and helps add on to the show than take away from it and in the end it doesn't feel like filler...  Well not the traditional kind anyway.

The story in this show is also very insane and over the top but it is done in a way to where it is very fun and entertaining rather than silly and try-hardy (normally I wouldn't use the term "try-hardy" as is too poor/bad taste for me but it works in this case).  Even though the story is crazy and over the top as this is a story you will also take very seriously also.  Drama in this volume was really good and very strongly told and some of the drama is also oddly relatable and that was something I wasn't really expecting.  Comedy in this show is very funny and compliments the crazy over the top styling like how peanut butter compliments jelly.

You like action?  This show has a sh*t ton of it.  The action in this show is very fast paced and well done as it was all very entertaining and so very insane.  All of the fight scenes were all unique too and all had something different to add to the table and that does help keep this show feeling fresh.  This show isn't very shameful when it comes to showing skin as this show has a ton of it and it was all done in a way that made sense...  Although there were some parts that had skin for the sake of being fan-service and I don't have anything to complain about that (no shame in admitting that).  After reading that you must be turned off from this show. You will be surprised to find yourself not bothered by it and you'd be more bothered by the over the top comedy and/or high school setting more so than anything.

Artwork in this show looks great as it has some really nice designs for the backgrounds, characters, and effects.  The art is also very insane and over the top to where it might trip out some viewers to a certain extent but it won't leave you confused to what is going on.  Animation is very smooth and also very consistent and no matter what crazy stuff happened  as the animation didn't drop in quality and that's a great thing to see.  The Japanese dub in this show is great as the voices and acting style matches up with the characters perfectly and makes for a very memorable dub.  If you don't want to sit down and read English subtitles then you do have the choice to watch this show with an English dub as there is an English dub included.  Soundtrack in this show is pretty decent as it does go well with the show but I didn't find it to be memorable as you'll forget a good chunk of the music not long after finishing an episode.

Special features are very thin when it comes to the quantity department as you only get text-less versions of the opening credits and a text-less version of the closing scene from the third episode on this volume.  The opening credits weren't bad at all as they had some very nice visuals and very nice music that went along well with the visuals.  The text-less version of the closing scene from the third episode of this disc (that's a mouthful) was actually something I was hoping for as the original text/credits that played in the episode did get in the way of the show.  It was also very nice to see that the bonuses in this volume weren't the same as the prior volume as when you read "includes text-less opening and closing credits" on each volume, it'll quickly get to a point where you will expect it to be the same stuff recycled over, that wasn't the case for this volume.  Will that be the case for the third volume?  We will find out when that time comes.

Overall this show just keeps on getting better and better and despite how crazy this show is, you will be enjoying this show.  I am easily going to recommend you picking this baby up (and Volume One) as it is some of the greatest anime viewing that I have witnessed in my life and can't wait to Volume Three to see what more exciting adventures are to come...  Or get horribly disappointed but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.  Second dose of pure awesome.

Title: Kill la Kill Volume 2
Animation/Production Studio: Trigger
Genre: Animation/Anime, Action, Comedy, Drama, Avant-garde, New Wave
Running Time: 125 minutes (5 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Rating: M15+ (Animated violence, nudity)
Price: $34.95
Recommended: Yes


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