PC Game Review: Sakura Angels (2015)

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"Sakura Angels" is a visual novel about a teen aged boy with one HELL of a problem.  The story starts up with the boy having a nightmare about being trapped in the darkness with a scary creature with a demonic smile.  He wakes up and suffers from a nasty headache and these nasty headaches only seem to happen when he has that nightmare.  After that we see him get up from bed to start his day off as any normal teenager does, he gets dressed, makes breakfast, and starts to head off to school.  While on the way to school we see him freaking out as he notices that the city is completely free of people and instead sees a crazy looking black monster.  He has no idea what to do, lucky for him the monster is quickly defeated by two very beautiful female warriors.  The two beautiful women end up being guardian angels and they are sent on a mission to protect him as the monsters are drawn to him for some unknown reason.  After this unusual moment we see him going to school and is in shock as the guardian angels are now attending his school so that they can keep an eye on him.  Great, now this poor guy can't be anywhere alone, will there be an upside being around two hot angels that look more like supermodels?  No need to call Charlie, there are new angels in town.  In all seriousness he really does need protectors as there is another great force that is after him, a great force that might even be too much for our two angels.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The story in this visual novel is very bland due to the setting being very unoriginal to where it is tired, boring, and not all that interesting.  The story progression is very slow and don't expect the story to pick up and get better in any way as the story is flat throughout the whole game.  This visual novel isn't very long as you can read the whole thing in one sitting and that surprised me as this visual novel felt like it went on for much longer than what it did.  You will find some scenes in this story will give you a selection screen to where you can choose what to say to the female cast.  Your choice of selections will effect how the story goes and that adds some re-playability to this game.  One good thing I can say about the story is that the author did a great job at trying to avoid leaving any plot holes and I was very surprised to see that (good job).

The drama in this visual novel was alright, I was convinced that the characters did care for each other and that they were in a very serious situation but the story progression does ruin that as you will not care for the drama.  There were some comedic scenes and for the most part I wasn't feeling anything for them as it was just generic humor but there was one scene that did make me laugh.  This visual novel does have a decent amount of action scenes, sadly they weren't very good and it's not because of how they were described but more so it's because of how they were presented. 

The action scenes in this visual novel have some mild use of animation.  The animation in those scenes were very minimalistic and looked like two cardboard cut-outs were smacking into each other.  The animation did ruin the mood for me as it made it hard for me to take the action very seriously.  The action scenes would've been better used if this game were an arcade styled beat 'em up or a one on one fighting game instead.

The characters were okay at best as you do have some scenes where you will have mild emotions towards them, other than that they are very one dimensional and uninteresting.  I didn't end up disliking the characters but I also didn't find myself enjoying them either.  The character dialogue was very hollow and wooden to where the words were missing weight to them.  I do have to give huge props about the spelling and grammar as it was very clean and were very easy to read.

Normally when you see a visual novel on Steam you'd expect them to be restricted and have anything considered too sexy or lewd to be completely removed.  There was nothing cut or censored in the artwork for this one as it wasn't designed to be an AO/R18+ rated product but that's not to say that there isn't anything steamy to be found in this steam title.  The art-work in this visual novel can be pretty sexy and you do even get one nude scene in this title and get to see a full naked back and nice round booty but you won't find any nudity from the front end.  There were some art-work that looked more sexy to where you'll see the characters in some very "interesting" poses and so if you are easily offended, this isn't the visual novel for you.

The art-work as a whole looks really good as the characters were nicely designed and there were no parts where they looked odd or terrible.  I didn't care too much for the backgrounds as they weren't very interesting looking but they did help with the story.  While we did go over the animation in the action scenes but what about the animation for the rest of this visual novel?  The animation wasn't that great but I only found myself bothered by it during the action scenes.  In the end I found myself being more entertained by going into the art gallery section and checking out the art-work as the art is the best part of this visual novel.  I didn't like the music in this game as it sounded very repetitive as most of the time it is just a little clip of music on a fifteen second loop and it can get irritating.

Overall this is not a very good visual novel as the story isn't good and will really bore you.  If you want to check this out for the art-work alone then I just recommend looking at the game's screenshots instead or just get it when it is dirt cheap but even that's stretching it.  A very bland product.

Game: Sakura Angels
System: PC (Reviewing Steam Version)
Developer: Winged Cloud
Publisher: Sekai Project
Genre: Visual Novel, Drama, Magical Girl, Slice of Life, Action
Price: $9.99 (Steam)
Recommended: No


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