Atari and Lost Vikings update

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Tuesday, January 6, 2009 0 comments

I got my Atari 7800 in the mail yesterday. When I woke up I barely had time to mess with it because I had to go to work. Boo. I came home and checked out everything in the box. All was good. The silver bezel piece across the front of it that reads "Atari 7800 Pro System was missing though. Bummer.

Today I went to radio shack and got an RCA to RF male connector. The girl couldn't find it so she summoned the manager guy and he found it, asking what I was hooking up.

"An atari!" I said full of enthusiasm. The girl commented that she hadn't heard that in a while. To which the manager said "Oh it might not work..." I was taken aback "Well the internet says this is what I should be looking for!"
"Well form personal experience it might not...unless you're talkng about an Atari 5200 or 7800 in which case this will work."
"Oh yeah I'm hooking up a 7800 so I should be good, that's what I thought. Thanks!"

So I take my adapter to the counter following the girl. She gets to the register to ring me up and asks if I just had it in a closet or what. I told her that I bought it on ebay for eleven dollars. Proud of my sweet purchase.

I wonder why people are so fascinated with me getting an Atari. A lot of people at work have responded simmilarly. Then I usually go on to mention how I am questing for the game Ninja Golf and everyone is amazed at the concept of that game. As well they should be.

So I made a post on 's forums about finding a replacement piece so that when everyone see's my Atari they'll know it's a pro system and that I'm a professional Atari player.

In Lost Vikings news I finally beat the level 4RN4 which that password has always been burned in my memory because that was the level I couldn't ever get past. So now I'm battling the Boss on the last level. I've made it past the first and second encounter with the Boss. A few days a week or so tops. I'll have this game beat. I don't know how I'll feel after beating this classic that I've loved since my childhood.


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