Today in the mail I got my NES Advantage. It is a sweet controller. I tired it out with Journey to Silius which doesn't really benefit from that type of controller. I think a traditional D pad would be better. I'm just not in an NES mood right now to bother trying it with a more appropriate game. Also I got my copy of Lost Vikings 2 for SNES.

Lost Vikings 2 is way better on SNES. The graphics look better than the PSX version and there's no God awful voice acting to contend with. I'd rather read it than hear those terrible voices. The games the same but it just feels better on SNES. Probably because I played the first one on SNES. I wonder if the Saturn version feels any different from the PSX version? I'll probably never know! Still have to beat the first one! Then I can move on to two.


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