THe Lost Vikings

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Sunday, January 4, 2009 0 comments

I've got this sick craving to beat the Lost Vikings. I've never been able too. If I spend some hours focusing on it though, well I'm sure I can. I really owe it to myself. I've loved this game ever sine I first played it back when it came out. Honestly as huge a fanboy as I am of the Metal Gear series I think The Lost Vikings is my all time favorite game. Period. Plus it has one of the most kick ass sound tracks ever.

Why I still remember when I first bought the game. I had rented it from Meijers and loved it, loved playing the game with my next door neighbor Johnathon. We had that game mastered and could work together very well. Good times. So I saved up money. However a child does. I still remember getting on the bus with my Mom and going to Kmart to pick it up. It was snowy. Wow. We made it all the way to the second to last password level. PRetty damn close to beating it. Eventually my friend moved and I never could finish it. Boo.

I bought the playstation sequal quite some time ago and played a few levels and it's a solid game. It just didn't feel right. So today I ordered Lost Vikings 2 for SNES. I'm sure it'll feel much closer to the original.

I've also got the Sega Genesis version of Lost Vikings. It's the same game except with much worse music. Poor Genesis just couldn't handle it. Such a shame. There's also a Sega Saturn version of the Sequal. I kind of want that too just to have the full collection.

Oh well I will beat this master piece of a game.


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