3 Dees Gummies A Candy Review

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Sunday, December 19, 2010 3 comments


muragaru553 said...

Way to sample the gummy candy, haha. It seems that that rule applies to hard candies as well, I think.

The company could've used a better name though. I may not be making truckloads of cash selling gummy candy, but I think they could do better than that.

Anywho, now, I want some gummy candy@_@ Have a good day!

DeathAdder83 said...

There is something very disturbing about this video. lol

911BONEZ said...

Orange Juice has a whole aisle at your place? Fuck yeah, i actually just started drinking that stuff allot recently. Anyways back on topic, I have tried this stuff before and found it tastes like all gummies. A fake ish rubbery taste/texture that leaves me feeling shitty lol. Well either way an interesting take on a review!

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