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Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, December 10, 2010 6 comments

I have no idea what this episode is about!  I talk some shit about games, some shit about MCTV and shoot the shit with 911Bonez.  Check it out!  I even remebered to add show notes!  I'm on FIRE!

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Check out these sweet jugs at 0:07 and stick around for the bouncing.
Mondo Cool TV opening theme.
Sega Superstars Eye Toy.

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911BONEZ said...

Well time to listen to this jack ass talk... Wait that guy is me :D

muragaru553 said...

Nice! 911BONEZ is an awesome guy. I really enjoyed this, but sometimes it was a little hard to hear 911BONEZ@_@

Great guess, I teach English at a bunch of different public schools (6 elementary and 2 middle schools). I'm from the US. Actually, I am from Ohio myself.

As for why I came to Japan, it was initially for what all great men do when they make dramatic changes, poontang. However, my girlfriend and I broke up prior to me going to Japan; she is Japanese and is still living in Japan, so I came here without any idea of what I wanted from this whole endeavor. I really enjoy my job and teaching English. I didn't go through the JET Programme like so many others and made my own 'path' by being hired by a private company. Well, I could ramble on and on about it, but I'll leave it there.

As for my podcast ambitions, I'll run my idea by you and see what you think.

Keep up the excellent work! Have a good day!

911BONEZ said...

**** And sorry to those who cant hear me lol, my mic is total shit. I would recommend blasting the volume during my parts, or listening to it with a surround sound speaker set from 20 ft away.****

kickflipjr said...

Jerry, you should check out if you want to find some arcades in your area. It seems like the only one listed near you is "Arcade Legacy". It seems like it has a good list of games:

All you lurkers out there need to leave some comments. If you made it through the +3hr podcast the least you could do is leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

You were talking to me when you won it xD gave me roflz!

Vlad Whyte said...

Yeey! You mentioned me on the podcast :P

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