"Computer Savvy" Free Chip Album Review.

Posted by Critical Failure On Wednesday, June 15, 2011 0 comments

Chip artist “The J. Arthur Keenes Band” released another free chip album recently entitled “Computer Savvy”. This is a seven track follow up to their(his) previous release “Pamplemousse”, (which was also free).

The new album is definitely upper bracket chip music played in a surf rock style. The album contains vocals which to me is usually a bad thing in chip albums. However, like in the last album it works here. The album runs a total of 25 minutes and 7 seconds. That was my only real complaint about Pamplemousse. Despite being musically brilliant, It was really short. Computer Savvy only runs an extra couple minutes, but it’s spread apart three extra tracks making the album seem a little more complete.

There is a lot of really mediocre free music out there especially in the chip music scene. It’s really nice to see something this great released without asking for a few bucks. It’s right up there with Anamanaguchi’s “Power Supply”. 


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