PCDX Gameplay Series: Street Fighter 3 Trilogy (Dreamcast, PS2.) (Complete)

Posted by Retrokaiser On Monday, June 13, 2011 0 comments

Hey guys. Just gushing out a quick playthrough before I go on holiday.

This edition I playthrough the 3 versions of Street Fighter 3.
I used the Dreamcast version of New Generation & 2nd Impact. Both versions can be found on the collection disc titled, Street Fighter 3 Double Impact (US/EU), Street Fighter 3 W Impact (JPN).

3rd Strike was played with the PS2 version. Which can be found on the Anniversary disc for the US, or by itself in JPN. 3rd strike only came out in EU on the xbox version of the Anniversary disc.

Enjoy guys. Click read full article to see videos.

Note: Skill is a lil rusty.

Parts 1 - 3 uploaded: June 13th 2011

^Part 3 : Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike.

^Part 2 : Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact.

^ Part 1 : Street Fighter 3 New Generation.


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