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Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, June 13, 2011 4 comments

Sorry this is going up a few days late guys!  Critical Failure, Retrokaiser and I talk some E3 news.  Lots of lulz.  Download or listen after the jumo.

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DeathAdder83 said...

Hey guys, awesome pod cast, had a lot of laughs! However this year’s E3 was nothing but laughable, when it comes to E3 the cream usually rises to the top and most of the new awesome exciting stuff comes to me, rather than me having to go and search for it. However everything that I cared about I already knew about, such as; Batman Arkham City, Elder Scrolls 5, and Uncharted 3.

When I saw Nintendo’s new console, I seriously wanted to know what in the blue hell these guys are thinking. If you were to go back in time 15 years ago and tell me that Nintendo was one day going to be the laughing stock of the video game universe, I wouldn’t have believed you. Sure I loved the Nintendo 64 and all of their handhelds, but the last time Nintendo was truly a juggernaut-powerhouse was with the Super Nintendo.

You know how Nintendo loves re-releasing all of their classics well how about instead of re-releasing “Ocarina of Time” on that tumor causing 3DS, how about Nintendo actually makes a home console with a pair of fucking nuts for a change! Seriously, I would be frothing at the mouth to see “Ocarina of Time” with PS3 style graphics and the introduction of a second analog stick, just imagine playing Zelda in a world that looked like Oblivion. FUCK YOU Shigeru Miriririjetamoto fuck you in your stupid ass!

Carl said...

Time to put on my "nit picking" hat. The Final Fantasy 7 game that was released on Windows was by Eidos, not EA. It may have been EA in Australia but in the USA, it was Eidos.

Nit picking hat taken off now.

Vlad Whyte said...

Hello Dr. Terror, VK here.
Just wanted to ask you a couple of random questions I just made up:
1) Which video game chicks would you do, excluding Bayoneta.
2) What's your origin, where do your ancestors come from?
3) If you could make a video game, what woud be the main gameplay gimmick?
4) What's the difference between a hedgehog and a porcupine and what's an echidna?
5) What are your collecting goals for your collection, besides to have a complete Metal Gear Collection?

Thank you for answering these questions "LIVE!" and happy gaming.

Balzak802 said...

Really great podcast and probably best E3 2011 podcast since you guys had a different opinion on everything, especially on the Wii U which is great since everyone kept praising it but you guys where nailing on it which was good since it seems to be garbage. Also, the controller seems to be bad since it just seems to be a mixture of a DS and a PlayStation controller except that they put the analog sticks at the wrong place. Anyways great E3 podcast.

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