Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 55

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Kazlab208 said...

That Teen Titans game on the original Xbox is pretty sweet. I also "aquired" that game for my Xbox and played about twenty minutes of it. Was pretty enjoyable but I would imagine it being way more fun if you have people around you to play it with.

There sure were a lot of development problems back when Metal Gear Solid Revengence was still in development. So much so that Konami had to shift the development of the game to Platinum Games in order for them to finally deliver the game on February 2013. Revengence seems to be a fun game from what I heard but I just never ended picking it up.

Metal Gear HD collection sure does sound like a great deal. However, I never picked it up since I already have MGS 2 on the original Xbox and MGS 3 on the PS2. Also never really cared about playing Peace Walker so there is absolutely no justifiable reason for me to get it.

That sure was a long chat you had with the philosophical points Dues Ex Human Revolution brought up. Sadly I never ended up playing it since I never enjoyed how the game played. Also have zero interest in picking up Mankind Divided either.

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