Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 57

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, January 16, 2012 3 comments


DeathAdder83 said...

Hey Jerry, DeathAdder83 here just wanted to say that while I am still without an internet connection in the comfort of my own home, the first thing that I do whenever I am with in range of a wireless connection is download the latest Mondo Cool Cast and that Chapter 1 of Rip McNasty was even more breath taking than the first 100 hours of Skyrim. Also I’d like to request a song “Sonya, Go Go Go” from Mortal Kombat The Album!

British Steel said...

In regards to your veteran hospital story, I worked at a grocery store through college, and I would frequently serve a WWII Navy vet who visited every day. He told me about how he served on a cruiser in the Pacific Theater when he was young. While I respect the ever living hell out of veterans, this guy really got on my nerves, becasue he was always telling me it was "my turn to serve" and spat off that I was an ungrateful American. This is the only time I did not want to see or talk to a veteran. (my great uncles served in Korea and Vietnam respectively)

In regards to Square-Enix; fuck them. Their president announced no more "non-mainstream" games. So get used to more and more Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts sequels and...really nothing else. If you're like me and liked more innovative, non-Final Fantasy games like Parasite Eve, Actraiser, Einhander, and Bushido Blade, then I feel bad for you.

Finally, I really hope SOPA gets enough negative votes and protests needed to get it killed so badly it's never proposed again. If that passes, along with your story about the Skype and Xbox Live tapping/eavesdropping, then where will it end? Will the bill expand into our phones and other communication devices? How long, then, until Big Brother puts GPS trackers in our phones?

Do you know of the bullshit with "Carrier IQ" in androids? It's a software app installed in them, without the owner's knowledge, that tracks everything they do on the device. It cannot be removed, and it really pissed off service providers like Verizon and AT&T that there are user-generated apps to detect them now.

What's worse, nobody knew about them until one app developer was hacking into his phone and found it, only to announce to the world this existed. Cellular companies were all too quick insist that it's only for file backup and *absolutely not* used for malicious purposes. And yet it records all keystrokes and passwords in a plain text file.

This shit's already happening. The Patriots have installed GW into today's digital society.

Benjamin Franklyn said it best: those who give up their liberty for a little bit of security deserve neither liberty nor security.

Anonymous said...

Yu Suzuki should Kickstarter that shit! All the cool kids are doing it now. Just don't know how open the Japanese would be to accepting a campaign like a Kickstarter. It seems like I always hear about western devs using Kickstarter and even large companies like EA!

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