Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 73

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Tuesday, May 15, 2012 5 comments

Solid Snake infiltrates Outer Heaven and meets up with his Snake Man buddy chuck and is exposed to deadly gas in this next exciting installment of Cyril reads Metal Gear.  Mitch and I go over this weeks gaming news and I answer some e-mails.  Download or listen after the jump.
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What are your online passes paying for?
Ubisoft announces DLC before next Ghost Recon is out
Kinect Controlled Internet explorer coming to 360.  Kinect not required but IE is optimized for it
DSi drops to $99
No sequel for Kid Icarus Uprising
12 foot tall pilotable mech
Unskippable 10 second warnings about piracy certainly won't annoy and cause more pirating.
Why the fuck is this on the internet?  this dude also looks like a dude.  interesting that as EA's stocks are plumetting we get a pugg piece about how great EA was at supporting this man not cutting his hair.
Free browser based wolfenstein
Pre order new The Amazing Spider-man game on amazon get Stan THE MAN Lee bonus.
Segata Sanshiro Metal Cover
Chinese lawyer suing devs of Kane and Lynch for villifying Chinese people. 
White vita coming to Japan
TORtanic loses nearly a quarter of its subscriptions.  EA blames casuals
$99 360 no longer a rumor. 
Minecraft griefers in real life
Gamestop no longer selling PSP games in 25% of their stores
Japan's 3DTV on 3DS service coming to an end
Aqua Blue 3DS is being killed off.  Good that shit was ugly as fuck
Japan has emergency cell tower balloons
18 and up Cosplay event in Japan
Partial nipple
Dorkly Realestate
Sweet Out Run inspired Sonic comercial.  If only their burgers didn't taste like hobo dicks
China Town Fair re opened, more family friendly
Gameboy Camera video about urinals n shit
iOS app emulates GB camera
Mexican Ninja VS Chupacabra.  I thought Zorro was a mexican ninja.
1990 VHS Mega Man walkthrough.

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British Steel said...

In regards to Phantasy Star Portable, what is your outlook of PS-Online 2 for Vita next year? That may very well be the first game I buy with a Vita.

As for EA, even though they're worthless pole smokers and their stock is tanking, it could be a good thing. EA still makes piles of cash every time they pump out their annual cut-and-paste Madden games, and I think they may recover. In stock investing, people say "buy low and sell high." If their stock is low, I would buy it while it's cheap and then sell that shit when the price goes up. Last year it was $26 a share, now it's only $14. Blow $140 now, hopefully sell it all for $260 next year.

I am happy about browser-based Wolfenstein, and look forward to when Doom, Quake, and other ID games to make that jump. Hopefully we will live long enough to see that great stuff become public domain.

Croooow111 said...

LOL... I'm waiting for a redesigned 3DS too before I decide if I want to buy one.

Croooow111 said...

Regarding Poison in Final Fight:

The character was originally going to be female, but during development of the game they changed her to be a "newhalf" which is a Japanese term for a hermaphrodite.

I know you said in the Podcast, "Why would they bother developing such a backstory for such a character?". The reason is that when they were considering releasing the game in the US, they thought that there might be problems because hitting women might be an issue. So they developed the game with Poison as a hermaphrodite. When they released the (arcade) game in the US, I think Poison was changed to a transvestite anyway. Didn't really matter though since the character still looked the same. The SNES version did change the character to a dude though. But every other version of Final Fight I know of, regardless of region, Poison is either a hermaphrodite, transvestite, or transexual. Only in early development of the game Poison was female (and in possibly Final Fight Revenge).

I don't think Capcom has put out any official word on the matter and they can keep retconning the character if they want. I've actually been looking for a link to the development sketch the was show in that History of Poison video that was mentioned, but I couldn't find it in my 15 mins of googling, but every site I visited basically told the same story and I haven't seen any contradiction to it yet.

DeathAdder83 said...

I am glad that Crow chimed in about the Poison issue, lets see you argue with a man who has played every video game in existence! Also...

Who would you rather do, The Tranny from E.A. or the actual Herman Munster in a wig? Just remember, no one says NO to Herman Munster.

Retrokaiser said...

@DeathAdder83 My answer would be Uncle Fester.

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