Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 74

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, May 23, 2012 1 comments

Solid Snake continues his mission deep inside Outter Heaven, Mitch and I go over some gaming news, I bought a Playstation Move and explain why it's not something a casual would do.  All this and more!  Download or listen after the jump!
Check out, catch up, or take a look at the next episode of Cyril reads Metal Gear on Defunct Games.
Cyril Reads Metal Gear Chapters 1 and 2
Cyril reads Metal Gear Chapters 3 and 4
Cyril Reads Metal Gear Chapters 5 and 6
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Cyril reads Metal Gear chapter 8 & 9

Forbes:Diablo online only blows
Cracked article: Diablo 3 
Diablo III devs appologise, real money market delayed
Dildo shop in France running Diablo III dildo ad campaign. Post pic of yourself with game on Facebook to get free dong voucher
3DS augmented reality pokemon catching game.  Lets you transfer pokes to white and black 2
Halo 4 weekly episodes
Next Tales game will have a modern feel
Ds GPS input device, get sight seeing info and crap
Rumor: Starfox/Metroid cross over game for Wii U
EA distributing crowd funded games for three months free of charge
Heavy Rain creator doens't care about next gen hardware.  Thinks challenges lie on the creative end of gaming.
Metal Gear Revengence trailer or some shit
Blade runner sequel, written by original author and directed by original director
Jack Tretton ok with used games.
Dorkly pogeymans video
Kotaku anti white article

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British Steel said...

I've noticed Cyril sounds like Stephen Colbert. If you watch the Colbert Report, then listen to the readings, it's like some alternate-universe of awesomeness where you get "Stephen Colbert reads Metal Gear."

When you brought up the subject of racism against white people, how it does exist and is still wrong, it reminded me of a scholarship I read about for Texan students. There is a privately funded scholarship for college-bound white male students, made so in reaction to the huge amount of aid particularly for minorities and women. While it was expected to cause a huge controversy about sexism and race, most of the people who learned of it (including minorities and women) either didn't really care, or agreed with it and believed white males do indeed have the deck stacked against them in that subject.

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