Blu-Ray Review: Another (2012)

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Another is an animated horror mystery series about a teenaged boy named Koichi Sakakibara who just moved into town and hospitalized shortly after.  While in hospital he is visited by some students from the school he is going to.  The students give him a warm welcome, wish him a nice recovery and leave.  Later during the night Koichi goes for a stroll and runs into a girl with an eye-patch in the elevator.  He asks her why she is out this late?  She replies with "To visit my other half" and walks into the morgue.  Koichi gets released from the hospital and goes back home to live with his grandparents and very attractive aunt (she is also a teacher that works at the school).   Koichi starts school but he notices some weird things like how class three is always separated from the rest of the school.  Everytime he asks why, the students just simply ignore him and go on with their day like nothing happened.  He runs into the girl (named Mei Misaki) he met in hospital and tries to talk to her but she warns him that it is very risky talking to her.  He goes on talking to her anyway despite her warning.  On his way home he notices a bizarre shop that sells creepy dolls and goes in to take a peek.   Well what do you know?  He runs into Mei again and the two sit down and have a cup of tea.  Mei tells him about an urban legend about the school that the children are taking very seriously.  Next day he notices that all the kids are ignoring Mei and suspects that she is actually a ghost.  Turns out that Koichi couldn't be any more wrong as the reason why they are ignoring Mei is actually for a ritual they are doing to keep away the schools curse, if anybody notices her the ritual will fail.  The wrath of the curse is very great and they shortly find out later that day when a fellow classmate suffers from a very fatal accident.  Turns out the curse is very, very real and the whole class is scared shitless.  How will they survive this?..  Or will they survive this?  Is the more appropriate question.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

This show is set in the year 1998 and the reason I bring that up is because it also has the same vibe as a horror film from that very same era (late-nineties - early-two-thousands).  The story is pretty decent with a very spooky setting that feels like something from "The Ring (1998)".  The way that this mystery unfolds is pretty well done and the ending to the whole thing was done very brilliantly and it does leave you guessing until to the very end.  I was a little bit disappointed with the violence as I was expecting it to be a gore-fest in every episode, we do get some horrifically gory scenes that reminded me of the ones found in "Final Destination (2000)" and they are very satisfying but there could've been a little more.  Characters are pretty decent although they can feel a bit generic at times but are still quite enjoyable nonetheless (just like your standard teen horror flick when I think about it).  I hope you have a full day ahead of you as this show is best watched all at once as it's pretty much one long movie due to each episode picking up right after eachother.  Actually really surprised they didn't cut out all the credits and just made it into a movie.

Artwork has a very dark, gloomy look that radiates a very cold aura from its atmosphere.  Character designs are pretty good with some nice cute designs that are also pretty detailed.  Backgrounds are fairly detailed with realistic style settings that just beg me to want to see them for myself.  Animation is very smooth and it gets even better in the final episodes and not to mention it gets really intense during the death scenes.  English dub decent with the voice actors playing the characters very well but it is also a little generic.  Soundtrack fits well with the shows creepy atmosphere and it did make me feel a little bit uncomfortable like someone is watching me.

Special features include a special music video that starts Mei and you also get text-less opening and closing credit sequences.  They weren't bad to watch and the music in the music video was very enjoyable with a very relaxing sound.  Overall this was a very decent show and I do recommend checking this one out.  This show is also one of those that you can watch with your friends during movie night with a big bowl of pop-corn and some drinks.  Fun viewing.

Title: Another
Animation Studio: P.A. Works
Genre: Animation/Anime, Horror
Running Time: 300 Minutes (12 Episodes)
Distributor: Hanabee Entertainment (
Rating: MA15+ (Strong supernatural themes, Animated violence)
Price: $64.99
Recommended: Yes


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