Pay Per View Review: WWE Money In The Bank 2013 (2013)

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That certain time has come yet again... although much later that what I'd like it to be.  I am indeed talking about the my very late review of this years Money In The Bank.  No doubt one of WWE's most exciting shows of the year thanks to the money in the bank match itself.  If you are unfamiliar with how the match goes I'll give you the lo-down (damn that sounded dorky) on how this match works.  You have a bunch of wrestlers in the ring (around six to eight) trying to grab a briefcase that's hanging up above the wrestling ring.  The recommended method is to climb a ladder but the rules don't state that you have to so you can get away with some unorthodox stuff.  Once a wrestler has obtained the briefcase he has the power to cash in the contract that's inside to score a title match whenever they want but they only have one year before the contract expires.  There is normally two money in the bank matches on this pay per view with one for the Raw roster and the other for Smackdown.  This year they did something different and instead of doing the Raw and Smackdown theme they did "Rising Stars" and "Superstars" instead.  So how did it all go?  Click "Read More" to find out.  Sorry this review was late but that's a long story that I don't want to get into...  actually it's not that long.  I started working on this review as soon as the show finished but midway during the rough draft I lost internet connection for a few weeks and lost track of my work.  Don't worry though, the other reviews are right on schedule (until I get distracted by something shiny again).  (Click "Read More" for full review).


Match: The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) Vs. The Usos (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso)
Stipulation: N/A
Title Defense: WWE Tag Team Titles (Currently held by The Sheld)
Well what do you know?  They actually aired the pre-show match on TV here for once giving us the whole F'n show (pardon the pun).  In this pre-show we have a tag-team match with The Shield Vs. The Usos and it is for the WWE Tag Team Championship.  This match started out really slow with The Usos doing nothing but roll up pins and arm-bars until the point where I was going to yell "boooorrrriiinnng, boooooorrrrriiiiinnngg".  Once that part was over we see the match pick up with some very awesome moves that made this match really hard to predict who was going to win the match.  A really cool moment was when Seth Rollins was going to superplex one of the Uso but he was saved by his twin brother by turning it into his very own superplex but before he could do that Roman Reigns interferes and powerbombs all three of them.  In the end it was The Shield who won after finishing the match with a spear.  Pretty good for a pre-show match but my main complaint is that there were commercial breaks in it and it really disrupted the match's atmosphere.  The other one is that this match was very deserving of a PPV (Pay Per View) slot as it was a match that was worth paying to see.  Right after the match we have Dean Ambrose joining in on the celebration and we then hear Fandango's theme, the pre-show ends, now onto the main show itself.
Winner: The Shield

Main Card

Match: Wade Barret Vs. Cody Rhodes Vs. Damien Sandow Vs. Dean Ambrose Vs. Fandango Vs. Jack Swagger Vs. Antonio Cesaro
Stipulation: Money In The Bank
Title Defense: WWE World Championship Number 1 Contenders Contract
Continuing on from the end of the pre-show we see Fandango entering the ring with Dean Ambrose already waiting (he entered during the end of the pre-show match).  All the other wrestlers enter and thus we begin the first money in the bank match of the night (and the first match of the night for that matter).  Match starts and we get a nice scrabble and then you see two guys in the ring at a time for a few minutes and then switching with two more guys until they've all had some camera time.  Two ladders get brought into the ring with one from  Rhode Scholars and the other from Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro.  The two team have a ladder duel with Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro coming out the victors and they just start beating the crap out of everyone.  Jack Swagger sets up the ladder and tries to grab the briefcase but here comes Dean Ambrose to stop him.  Dean Ambrose smashes Jack Swagger against the ladder, throws him out the ring and attempts to take the briefcase.  Wade Barret stops him and in comes more wrestlers and they all start brawling.  Poor Fandango gets suplexed onto a ladder by Damien Sandow.  More brawling goes around and we see a victory attempt from Antonio Cearo but is stopped by Cody Rhodes and is then slammed onto a ladder.  More brawling and victory attempts go by until we see Dean Ambrose pick up the ladder, puts it around his neck and swings around like an out of control helicopter.  His fun is cut short when Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro grab the ladder while he is in it and pick it right up with Dean Ambrose dangling in mid-air like he is being hanged.  Dean Ambrose takes advantage of this and flips himself onto the top of the ladder to try to get the briefcase but gets thrown out of the ring instead.

Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger start dominating again but get stopped by Cody Rhodes.  Cody Rhodes has his chance to grab the briefcase but oh no!  Here comes rest of the Shield members to make sure Dean Ambrose wins but here come the Uso brothers to take the Shield outside of the ring.  Dean Ambrose climbs up the ladder but Code Rhodes pushes the ladder and Dean Ambrose lands on everyone that is brawling and it was a very awesome sight indeed.  Cody Rhodes is the only one left in the ring and he goes for the briefcase.  Cody Rhodes is yanking it off the chain but  from out of nowhere Damien Sandow comes from out of hiding, pushes Cody Rhodes off the ladder, grabs the briefcase to steal away the victory.  Not a bad match this one was, some very exciting and unpredictable action going on.  Very surprised to see Damien Sandow win the match and really glad all at the same time.  Great opening bout.
Winner: Damien Sandow

Match: Curtis Axel (with Paul Hayman) Vs. The Miz
Stipulation: N/A
Title Defense: WWE Intercontinental Championship (Currently held by Curtis Axel)
Up next we have the first title defense of the show (Pre-show doesn't count due to it not technically being a part of the pay per view).  Match starts off with Curtis Axel dominating for two minutes until Miz gets a reversal and throws Curtis Axel outside of the ring.  Now we see nearly the exact same thing but with Miz dominating and Curtis Axel getting the reversal instead.  Paul Hayman distracts Miz while Curtis Axel kicks Miz in the face.  The ref doesn't like this at all and he kicks Paul Hayman right out of the match to avoid any more dirty moves.  Miz and Curtis Axel stare down at each other for what seems to be an eternity.  It's all down hill from here as for the next eight minutes all we get is nothing but very boring grabbing and kicking.  Match ends with Miz getting the figure-four leg-lock that felt like it went on forever ending with Curtis Axel grabbing the rope to get out and then hitting a bulldog like move and then finishing it with a pinfall to retain the title.  Overall this match was best suited to be on an episode of Smackdown (or Velocity if it were still around) as there was nothing going on here whatsoever.
Winner: Curtis Axel

Match: AJ Lee Vs. Kaitlyn
Stipulation: N/A
Title Defense: WWE Divas Championship (currently held by AJ Lee)
After the match we had from these two back at Payback I was expecting a lot more to come out of this match than what we got.  Just like the prior match this one was a match best suited for an episode of Raw or Smackdown.  All that happened in this match was grappling followed by AJ Lee getting the octopus hold on Kaitlyn to retain her reign as Divas Champion.  Not anyway near as bad as the prior match but still this one could've been a lot better than what it was.
Winner: AJ Lee

Match: Chris Jericho Vs. Ryback
Stipulation: N/A
Title Defense: N/A
Two stinkers have passed but will this pick the show back right up again?  Well let's see.  Next match is Ryback Vs. Chris Jericho and I honestly don't know what to expect from this as it could range anywhere from terrible to very good.  Match starts and we have Ryback and Chris Jericho starting off with the typical opening brawling and test of strength.  Ryback gets very upset that Chris Jericho is successfully pulling off moves on him and he walks out of the ring.  Chris Jericho attacks Ryback with a sliding dropkick, smashes Ryback against the guardrails and then throws him back in the ring.  Chris Jericho starts dominating Ryback for a short time until Ryback retaliates with a football tackle.  Ryback isn't lucky enough to dominate back but he is lucky enough to stand his ground withstanding a whole bunch of moves from his opponent.  Nothing special happens here as we only see some brawling for a few minutes ending with Ryback knocking Chris Jericho off the ring apron with him landing in-between the commentary tables.  Ryback leaves the ring and beats up Chris Jericho and then throws him back in the ring.  Ryback continues to beat him up and then puts him in a sleeper hold.  Chris Jericho breaks out of it and gets an extra burst of energy and shows Ryback who's boss.

Chris Jericho attempts to put Ryback in the Walls of Jericho but Ryback manages to slip out and tries to tackle him but gets the soulful taste of Chris Jericho's boot instead (see what I did there?).  Ryback snaps right back and attempts to throw Chris Jericho out of the ring but is unsuccessful.  Chris Jericho climbs up to the top rope and tries to give Ryback a crown to the head (AKA Double ax-handle smash) but Ryback catches him and turns it into a tazplex.  Ryback is getting ready to end this thing and hits Chris Jericho with a spear and picks him back up to hit him with his finishing move.  Ryback is successful and goes for the pin but Chris Jericho kicks out.  Ryback gets frustrated and tries to throw him around but he gets hit by a codebreaker instead (the art of pulling ones opponent chest into ones knees).  Chris Jericho goes for the pin but Ryback kicks out.  Ryback tries to tackle Chris Jericho but is hit with another codebreaker instead and gets knocked out of the ring.  Chris Jericho tries to end it when Ryback gets back into the ring but Ryback kicks out. The way this match ended took me by surprise with Chris Jericho attempting a lionsault with Ryback getting out of the way and when Chris Jericho gets up Ryback pulls a dirty school boy pin on him to score the victory. 

Again we get another match that should've been on Raw and/or Smackdown but not as bad as the previous two matches we had.  For the most part of this match it was very predictable with Ryback being Ryback and Chris Jericho being Chris Jericho. Although it was much better than the previous two matches.
Winner: Ryback

Match: Alberto Del Rio Vs. Dolph Ziggler
Stipulation: N/A
Title Defense: WWE World Championship (Currently held by Alberto Del Rio)
After three pitiful excuses for wrestling matches will we finally get the show back on track with this one?  The following is a match for the WWE World Championship and it is between Albertooooooooooooooooooooo Del Riooooooo (yeah, that's going to be a continuing gag) and Dolph Ziggler.  This match is also a rematch with the last one being at Payback but this time we have Dolph Ziggler in 100% full health so this is bound to be a great one.  So will Dolph Ziggler win back the belt?

Match starts off with some grappling followed by Dolph Ziggler showing off with some taunts.  Alberto Del Rio doesn't like that very much and takes him down with a sleeper hold followed by some taunting of his very own.  Alberto Del Rio tries to get Dolph Ziggler while he's down but Dolph Ziggler bounces back up and hits Alberto Del Rio with a very nice dropkick.  Dolph Zigger starts having his way with Alberto Del Rio and hits him with ten elbow-drops in a row and then knocks him out of the ring with a running clothesline.  Dolph Ziggler puts Alberto Del Rio back into the ring but as Dolph Ziggler is going into the ring himself he gets hit with a kick to the back of the head and then falls outside of the ring.  Alberto Del Rio goes outside of the ring and starts brutally attacking Dolph Ziggler and then throws him back into the ring and tries to get the pinfall but Dolph Ziggler kicks out.  Alberto Del Rio continues to brutally beat Dolph Ziggler and puts him in another sleeper hold.  Dolph Zigger breaks out of it and starts to fight back but shortly hits his head on the top turnbuckle while charging at Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio takes advantage of this by kicking and punching Dolph Ziggler in the head for a couple minutes until Alberto Del Rio lands outside of the ring from Dolph Ziggler dodging a charging knee.  Alberto Del Rio starts climbing the turnbuckle while Dolph Ziggler is resting but Dolph Ziggler jumps back up and takes out both Alberto Del Rio and himself with a gigantic X-Factor (slamming ones opponent's face into the mat).  Both men take a little rest and start brawling once they've reached their feet.  Dolph Ziggler tries to hit Alberto Del Rio with a running leg drop but Alberto Del Rio reverses it into a German suplex into a pin.  Dolph Ziggler kicks out and Alberto Del Rio starts beating him some more.  Alberto Del Rio tries to kick Dolph Ziggler in the head once again but Dolph Ziggler dodges it and turns it into a fameasser (driving ones oppodent head into the mat by using ones leg to force them down headfirst) and tries to pin Alberto Del Rio but fails to score the victory.  Dolph Ziggler tries again but Alberto Del Rio saw it coming and reverses it with a very nicely done slam.  Alberto Del Rio climbs onto the top turnbuckle and dives off but finds himself hit with an impressive dropkick from Dolph Ziggler. 

We have an interruption ladies and gentlemen as AJ Lee enters and starts prancing and dancing around the outside of the ring trying to distract Alberto Del Rio.  Dolph Zigger isn't too happy as he is doing fine and doesn't need any help and tells AJ Lee to go away.  Dolph Ziggler continues to beat up Alberto Del Rio and AJ Lee is still standing outside of the ring looking very disappointed.  Dolph Ziggler climbs onto the top turnbuckle but Alberto Del Rio pushes him and then suplex's him from the top turnbuckle.  Alberto Del Rio starts beating up Dolph Ziggler again and tries to end it by pinning him but is unsuccessful as Dolph Ziggler kicks out.  Alberto Del Rio gets frustrated and pulls down his kneepad so he can knee Dolph Ziggler in the back of the head.  Dolph Ziggler reverses it and AJ Lee comes running into the ring and hits Alberto Del Rio with the Diva's Championship belt fearing that Dolph Ziggler will be hurt.  Not a very smart move as this gets Dolph Ziggler disqualified making Alberto Del Rio the winner of the match and still the champion. 

Now this is what we needed to make the pay per view feel like a pay per view again instead of a episode of Raw that I paid $30 for.  The match was pretty good with some very exciting stuff although they did overuse reversals.  Compared to the match from Payback this one blew it out of the water.  The ending was very stupid though and was very unneeded but other than that it was all good.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Match: John Cena Vs. Mark Henry
Stipulation: N/A
Title Defense: WWE Championship (Currently held by John Cena)
Onto the last singles match before the main event and this match has John Cena defending his WWE Championship against Mark Henry.  I was actually expecting this match to be a very disappointing bout but boy was I wrong.  We got a ton of great action out of the two with some great grappling and power moves.  The moves were also a bit rougher and tougher with Mark Henry throwing John Cena all over the place.  John Cena also did his fair share of tough moves as well by smashing Mark Henry any chance he got.  During the middle of the match Mark Henry gets frustrated and tries to bring a steel chair into the ring but the referee stops him.  When the refs not looking Mark Henry pulls off the turnbuckle pad and attempts to throw John Cena into it but his move backfires when John Cena reverses the move which ends up with Mark Henry smashing into the turnbuckle instead.  The two fight for a bit longer and then John Cena manages to get Mark Henry caught in a STF submission hold.  Mark Henry breaks free and continues to fight John Cena but John Cena gets lucky and gets Mark Henry caught in another STF submission hold.  Mark Henry struggles but in the end he taps out with John Cena taking the victory and keeping his title belt. Not a bad match overall but it was a tad bit predictable but it was a nice holdover until Summerslam comes.
Winner: John Cena

Match: CM Punk Vs. Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Sheamus Vs. Christian Vs. Rob Van Dam
Stipulation: Money In The Bank
Title Defense: WWE Championship Number 1 Contenders Contract
We've made it to the final match of the night and it is the second money in the bank match and the winner gets one free shot at the WWE Championship if they win.  Originally Kane was supposed to be in this but got removed due to being attacked by The Wyatt Family on the prior episode of Raw.  The wrestlers enter the ring and among those men we see the return of the "Whole Fucking Show" Rob Van Dam.  For some reason CM Punk and Randy Orton are both wearing a piece of clothing that have their names done in the style of AC/DC's album "Back In Black (1980)" and it's very weird as it makes them look like tag-team partners.  Match starts off will all six men staring each other off like something straight out of "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (1966)".  Rob Van Dam starts to taunt and gets ganged-up and kicked out of the ring by the other five guys.  The five wrestlers left in the ring start staring at each other again and yeah it's as corny as I make that out to be.  After two minutes of staring they start to brawl with poor Christian getting the first blow from Sheamus.  Everybody now starts ganging-up on Sheamus and kicking him out of the ring.  The four start brawling until it's only CM Punk and Daniel Bryan left in the ring.  Rob Van Dam tries to return to the ring but was stopped before he could even get both his feet onto the ring apron.  After another minute of intense staring we finally see some action between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Sheamus comes in with a ladder and attacks everybody but  his reign of terror is cut short when Randy Orton dropkicks him.  Rob Van Dam comes in, clears everybody out of the ring, taunts, continues to dominate and slams Christian onto a ladder.  Daniel Bryan comes in but is caught in Hurricane Rob Van Dam and gets laid out onto a ladder and gets hit with a rolling thunder.  Randy Orton is the next to try to stop Rob Van Dam but also ends up being laid onto a ladder.  Rob Van Dam gets ready to hit Randy Orton with a five-star frog splash but Christian pushes him off making him land onto a pile of ladders that are outside of the ring.  Christian grabs a mini ladder and starts beating up people with it until he decides to grab a normal ladder and he tries to grab the briefcase.  Sheamus comes in to stop Christian and the two start fighting over the ladder.  Sheamus throws Christian out of the ring and climbs the ladder but Rob Van Dam pushes it over while Sheamus is still on it making the ladder fall with Sheamus landing flat on his arse onto the fallen ladder.  Sheamus gets back up and attacks anybody that's in his sights like an out of control bulldozer.  Sheamus tries to powerbomb Daniel Bryan through a ladder but Daniel Bryan reverses it, pushes Sheamus off and hits him with a running knee to the face. 

 CM Punk starts setting up a ladder and tries to climb it but Randy Orton tries to stop him.  Christian also tries to stop both of them from climbing the ladder.  Daniel Bryan sets up another ladder and all six men are now in the ring and are also on the ladders fighting for the briefcase.  Unfortunately the ladders don't hold out and all six men fall down and hit the mat.  Sheamus is the first to recover and starts attacking everbody and then sets up a ladder to try to get the prize at top.  Rob Van Dam tries to stop Sheamus but isn't successful.  Daniel Bryan climbs up the ladder and starts fighting Sheamus but is no match for Sheamus' strength.  Sheamus grabs the briefcase but is pulled off by CM Punk.  CM Punk and Sheamus start brawling ending with CM Punk trapping Sheamus under a ladder.  Randy Orton decides that it's his turn to pick a fight with CM Punk and he gives CM Punk a nasty old suplex onto the ladder.  Randy Orton starts adding insult to injury when he continues to beat up CM Punk and CM Punk rolls out of the ring.  Christian comes back into the ring and starts giving everybody some mean spears (not the kind you stab people with).  Christian tries to get the briefcase but gets his nuts cracked when Rob Van Dam hits him in the groin with a ladder. Rob Van Dam's turn to try and get the belt with Christian trying to stop him.  Christian slaps Rob Van Dam off the ladder and begins to kick him while he's down.  Christian sets-up another ladder and begins to climb it with Rob Van Dam climbing the other side not long after and the two start punching each other.  The ladder falls over but only Christian hits the ground as Rob Van Dam jumped onto another ladder just in time.  Rob Van Dam jumps off the ladder and hits Christian with a move that everybody wanted to see, the five-star frog splash.

Rob Van Dam and Sheamus climb up another ladder and start fighting over the briefcase and Sheamus gets knocked of.  Sheamus isn't too happy about it and pushes over the ladder with Rob Van Dam on it.  The two start fighting again but Daniel Bryan steps in and starts to dominate.  After beating up everyone to a pulp he climbs up the ladder but from out of nowhere comes Curtis Axel (who's not even in this match) to ruin the match.  CM Punk ends up stopping him with his finishing move, the GTS (Go To Sleep).  Out comes Paul Heyman (Curtis Axel's manager) and tells off Curtis Axel for interfering with the match.  It's now CM Punk's time to climb the ladder and become the winner... that is unless Paul Heyman doesn't decide to attack CM Punk while he is climbing.  Well what do you know?  Paul Heyman attacks CM Punk while he is climbing up the ladder and then walks off.  Rob Van Dam manages to get back into the ring to take opportunity of this moment but it all gets ruined for him when Randy Orton hits him with an RKO and takes the briefcase.  The winner of the match and new number one contender, Randy Orton.

Pretty decent match overall but it did feel a bit dry in some parts.  The ending of the match felt a bit too overdone but it could've been worse (like the ending to the Alberto Del Rio Vs. Dolph Ziggler match).  I did like seeing some of those painful ladder falls, especially the one with Sheamus landing right on his air bags.  If I had to say which one of the two ladder matches was the best it would have to be the first one.  Decent match but not the greatest of all time.
Winner: Randy Orton

Overall this show wasn't bad but it did have quite a few filler matches that should've been on Raw or Smackdown.  The Money in The Bank this year were pretty cool with some very nice stuff but compared to the ones of the past these ones were better than most but still not the greatest.  Worth watching at least once.  Next WWE pay per view is a big one as it's Summerslam but the review for that one won't be out till after the next one which is "TNA One Night Only: 10 Reunion".  Oh boy, this month is going to be fun (sarcastically speaking that is).  

Title: WWE Money In The Bank 2013
Studio: World Wrestling Entertainment
Genre: Sports Entertainment, Action
Running Time: 180 Minutes
PPV Provider: Main Event (
Rating: M15+ (Sporting violence, Coarse language, Mature themes)
PPV Price: $29.95 (In Australia)
Recommended: Yes


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