Blu-Ray Review: Mysterious Girlfriend X (2012)

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Mysterious Girlfriend X is a animated romantic comedy about a boy named Akira Tsubaki and a girl named Mikoto Urabe.  The series starts off with Akira Tsubaki waking up in bed after (heavily alluding to) having his first wet dream.  He gets up, gets dressed, eats breakfast, goes to school and when he starts the first period of school his class gets introduced to a new transfer student named Mikoto Urabe.  Mikoto Urabe is a bit of a weird girl with her hair constantly covering her eyes, always sleeping during class breaks and randomly laughs at stuff during class from hearing stuff other students are whispering.  School is finished for the day and Akira Tsubaki is getting ready to go home but before he leaves he spots Mikoto Urabe sleeping at her desk so he goes to wake her up so he can tell her that school has finished.  Mikoto Urabe wakes up and Akira Tsubaki sees something he didn't expect to see and that was Mikoto Urabe's uncovered face and blushes while he watches her leave.  Akira Tsubaki is about to leave but he spots a puddle of drool on Mikoto Urabe's desk and does what every young healthy boy would do... dip in his finger and start tasting it.  He is surprised that the drool tastes as sweet as honey and when he goes to sleep that night he starts having dreams that he is with her dancing in a bizarre steam-punk world.  The next day he falls ill with a very high temperature and is visited by Mikoto Urabe a few days later as she knows exactly why he has been bedridden for the past few days.  Turns out the illness that Akira Tsubaki is suffering was from being lovesick (this scene isn't as corny as I make it out to be).  Mikoto Urabe fixes the problem by giving Akira Tsubaki some of her drool and this instantly gets rid of his fever.  The next day he returns to school and while Akira Tsubaki is on his way home he walks up to Mikoto Urabe and confesses his love for her and thus begins their journey together as a couple.  (Click "Read More" to see the full review).


The whole premise of having the two main character bond by trading drool is very disgusting yet quite fascinating all at the same time.  One thing I really enjoy about this show is that they jump into the whole "boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy gets with girl" all in the first episode as we all know how long and grueling it takes for relationships to develop in both anime and television shows alike.   The show's structure is very smooth and really filling giving us a very entertaining show that fills up all your metaphorical media bellies with satisfying viewing however I do have a problem with the ending of this series as it's one of those "wanna know what happens next?  Read the manga" endings.  I really do hope we get another season of this show as I do really want to know what happens next without buying the manga.  The main two characters are very well written with a ton of charm and personality that make these characters really enjoyable.  I do quite enjoy how their relationship is as it progresses very naturally and it doesn't feel rushed at all and this one of the bigger reasons why is adds smoothness the show.  The supporting characters however are not as good as the main two and while they do mean well helping out their friends they do come off as very creepy stalkers more so than friends.  The reason why is because they want Mikoto Urabe's drool as much as her boyfriend does making them out to be crazy drug addicts trying to get their supplies from her like she is some drug lord with all the best shit.

The artwork is very nostalgic looking taking me back to the days of me watching anime on an old television show called "Cheez TV" or renting video tapes from "Family Video".  Characters are very cute and interesting looking although I don't really get why everybody is cross-eyed.  There is plenty of fan-service on multiple levels ranging from the perverted kind where you see naked heavenly bodies and many nods to classic science fiction movies like "Star Wars (1977)", "Forbidden Planet (1956)", "The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)", plus many more in the form of posters you see in the background.  You can also see other background references that are related to real world media and I did quite enjoy all the fan-service in this one (all of them).  Backgrounds are very nice looking and make me want to actually be there in person so I can admire the scenery (sadly I can't because it's an animated show). The show is also very colorful and vibrant adding extra layers of warmth to the viewing.  I have barely anything bad to say about the English dub as all the voices sounded good and matched up with the characters really well although some characters do have some annoying voices but that can be forgiven due to those characters barely being in the show.  The music in the show fits the mood very well adding to the atmosphere and it doesn't sound half-bad either.

Special features included on this release are the typical yet very welcomed text-less opening and closing credit sequences that are enjoyable to re-visit.  You also have some Japanese television ads that are interesting to view as always.  Overall this show was very enjoyable and I'll be extra glad if they decide to give this show a second season.  Greatly recommended viewing.

Come on over and taste the show.
Title: Mysterious Girlfriend X
Animation Studio: Hoods Entertainment
Genre: Animation/Anime, Romance, Comedy
Running Time: 300 Minutes (13 Episodes)
Distributor: Hanabee Entertainment (
Rating: M15+ (Mature themes, Sexual references, Nudity)
Price: $64.99
Recommended: Yes


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