DVD Review: Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (2012)

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"Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero" is a very sexy animated modern day fantasy comedy series.  The show starts off with a hero named Akatsuki whom is trying to break out of the land of Alayzard and flee to a dimensional gate that will take him to Earth.  Akatsuki's trip isn't going to be easy as there is an army of maids trying to stop him from reaching the portal.  Akatsuki manages to stop the army of maids by pulling off his quick moves to steal all of their underpants and thus freezing them with humiliation.  Turns out Akatsuki isn't only a hero but is also a pervert (a very dangerous combination in my opinion).  Akatsuki manages to make it to the portal and make it to his apartment on Earth.  Akatsuki didn't come alone as in his bag that he took with him he smuggled a huge breasted girl with pink hair named Myuu in which he is the guardian of due to him keeping her fathers dying wish.  Now the two of them are pretending to be brother and sister so that no one will be suspicious of them and report them to the land of Alayzard.  They also go to a school where they gain two female friends named Chikage (the spunky teenager who is also the token anime lesbian), and Kuzuha (the token little pre-teen that has skipped several grades due to being smart).  Three girls teaming up with a perverted hero?  Well this isn't going to go well...  For the girls that is.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The story in this show is very episodic, unoriginal, and generic and has all of the makings of a bad show but you know what?  I ended up enjoying the story in this show as while it does have those "unsavory" traits it is actually very entertaining and drew me in.  A problem I do have with the story though is that this show has no idea what kind of show it wants to be as they have scenes that make you think that they are taking the safe "shonen" route, then the show becomes very raunchy to where it wants to be "adult entertainment", then it changes again to something like a straight up "fantasy" show and so on and so forth. 

I did enjoy the drama in this show as while it can be a very silly show it can also be very serious without making the characters feel out of character.  The action in this show starts off as very dull but then after a few episodes the action really picks up and becomes very entertaining but it is also far from being my favorite action scenes of all time.  Some of the action scenes also has some comedy mixed in and I enjoyed about half of it but the other half got a bit tired as they like to re-use some of the same gags.  Speaking of comedy this show has quite a bit of it and they like to use it in different ways but mainly for sexual gags.  Just like the action comedy I did enjoy half of it as some of the sexy comedy was actually clever while the other half just gets a bit too much with a very predictable punch line.  There were also some comedy lines outside of the sexual and action comedy scenes that were funny and also very touching.

There is a lot of fan-service to be found in this series and yes I do mean that of the heavenly body kind.  Mainly the fan-service is of shameless panty shots, bouncy breasts, top-less men with mega muscles, and top-less women with mega breasts (sounds like an idea for a name of some heavy metal bands, "Megabreast" and "Muscletallica").  I did like a good chunk of the fan-service but my favorite was actually the one time they used the machine type fan-service as there is one episode with a very kick ass motorcycle that can speed past the speed of light and ended up being my favorite thing to pop up in this show and I wouldn't mind owning a figure of it.  I also have a problem with the fan-service as it can be very over done and does get in the way of enjoying the show. 

The first two episodes were also a lot more raunchier than the rest of the show with lesbian sex scenes that I did enjoy, creepy scenes where Akatsuki nearly rapes Myuu while he is asleep, and lastly you get the creepy lollicon fan-service and while it is very mild compared to other shows it is still creepy nonetheless.  Once the third episode starts the show suddenly becomes much more of a standard fan-service show in what feels like the TV company has come in and told them to turn the knob down a little.  One last thing about the show is that it ends on a cliffhanger and not just a small one and it does annoy me that I won't know what will happen yet as I don't think this show will get a second season.

One of the things that I enjoyed the most about this show were the characters as I liked how they worked well with each other.  I also really love how they really made Akatsuki very heroic putting his heroic duties before his penis.  Yes as I have mentioned before that he is also a pervert and that is used more for comedy means and it does work as he can be both a very serious and foolish character with little to no problems.  I wouldn't say he is perfect though as you do have some scenes (like the sleep-rape scene) that were just awful and also feel very out of character for him.  Akatsuki is also a bit of a "Mary Sue" kind of character as you won't see him in any trouble at all until the final battle and I found that to be lazy.  All of the side-characters were used very appropriately and I ended up liking them.

Character designs use some nice coloring and clothing but other than that they aren't very original designs and look like somebody got their designs just by using an character generator that can be found in the PC software "Game Character Hub (2014)" and clicked "randomize character".  The nude designs weren't bad but there are some scenes where you won't feel anything and simply say: "Oh neat, boobs.  Moving on".  The backgrounds were nice and did set a nice atmosphere similar to that of a console role playing game like "Final Fantasy (1987)" and "Dragon Quest (1986)".

Animation in this show was decent and I didn't spot anything wrong with it at all.  The English dub wasn't bad with voices that worked well with all the characters but there were some problems like how Myuu can get a bit whiny and I also didn't like how they wrote in Internet meme references into the dialogue as it was very annoying and television shows and film need to stop doing it... NOW!  The soundtrack had some good tunes in it but a lot of the music was very forgettable.

The breasts are huge in this show and so is the special feature section as there is enough there to fill up a DD sized bra.  You get commentary from the voice cast on episodes "two" and "eight".  The commentary is very typical Funimation commentary to where the voice cast like to goof off and have a great time watching the show but you do also get information on what it was like working on the show.  It was entertaining but there were some points where it was very loud from screaming that nearly made me deaf so I recommend listening on a lower volume. 

You also get a whopping six bonus mini-episodes that are all about putting the cast in embarrassing situations.  I enjoyed some of the mini-episodes as I found the comedy to be funny but just like the main series you will have the same problem with the sexy fan-service getting in the way.  I wouldn't say I disliked all the fan-service as it blended well with the comedy.  Some of the mini episodes are also very raunchy to where it just barely misses out of being marked as soft-core pornography. These mini-episodes also had slightly better production quality to where the art looked more detailed and the animation was smoother.

There are also a lot of promotion videos to be found and they were alright and worth one watch but they weren't really all that different from any other promotional video or commercials found on television anywhere else.  You also get the very typical but welcomed text-less opening and closing credit sequences that were nice to watch with interesting visuals (not in a dirty way) and nice music.  Finally you get the US trailer and other than it being in English you won't find it to be any different from the promotional videos.

Overall this show is very problematic but was also done well enough for me to enjoy this show.  One thing that surprised me was that this show was done by a studio called "Arms" who typically make anime that I am not a fan of but as the old saying goes "there is always a first time for everything".  Now I am only recommending this show based on the fact that I liked it but I also really doubt that this show will appeal to a lot of you out there and I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't enjoy this show but alas I'm going to risk recommending it anyway.  A very guilty pleasure hit or miss show.

Title: Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
Animation/Production Studio: Arms
Genre: Animation/Anime, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Ecchi
Running Time: 300 minutes (12 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Rating: R18+ (High impact sexual references)
Price: $59.95
Recommended: Yes (Warning: Guilty Pleasure)


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