Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 104

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, July 14, 2014 9 comments

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AnonymousAdder83 said...

Questions for The All Gen Gamers:

*Johnny Millennium:

-Why do you dress like you are about to shoot up a high school in 1999?

-Did you get the name Love Doctor from fucking fat girls in the alley behind the Canadian Game Stop you work at?

-Here is a question for The Love Doctor, have you ever still had Rob Man's shit on your dick when you stuck it inside of Kim's slutty mouth?

*Pete Dorr:

-Whenever you use to get beat up at school, did you ever throw down a handful of gold rings to emulate your hero's pain?

-Have you ever worn the Virtual Boy and a Flesh Light at the same time and pretended that the Virtual Boy was a real life boy?


-Hey Gamester81 (pause for several moments) oh sorry, I was waiting for your Stone Age Gamer ad to stop playing.

-I've noticed that you do a lot of interviews these days, where did you learn the technique of just starring a hole in to the other person while saying........”'s cool”, over and over again.

*Jason Heine:

-Has Brian Posehn ever tried to contact you to stop using his likeness to promote shitty racing games on the Wii?

*Metal Jesus:

-How many medical procedures did it take you to look like Foghorn Leghorn?

The Devil Burning said...

I am in love.

Retrokaiser said...

Oi Shintai! Watch a French movie called "The French Kissers" for some odd reason it is only popular in Australia. It's a French coming of age story that was brilliantly told. YOU WATCH IT TOO DEVIL BURNING!

Metal Jesus Rocks said...

Well I say... I uh say boy! I was born this way I say boy.

Jason Heine said...

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo I be white rapper yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

Gamster81 said...

That's a cool comment. You are cool.

Pete Dorr said...

I wish. I didn't get any ring as no girl is willing to let e give them anal.

Only on an emulator.

Johnny 2K said...

1. Eh Because I be a white rapper yo eh.

2. and don't forget about the dolphens eh.

3. only in my dreams eh

Napsta & Vag-Eater said...

When will Shintai recommend a movie or anime that Retrokaiser hasn't already reviewed on the website before? HAIL KAISER!

Also to make it sound like that I'm not trying to be an offensive oaf: What are some shows that Kaiser should review that you love? Just like how he reviewed Fate/Zero due to your recommendation.

P.S. Don't forget to check out "Samurai Week 2013" where Retrokaiser reviewed all of the Lone Wolf & Cub films + the English dubbed version "Shogun Assassin". *Wink wink*

This post's wankery is over 9000.

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