Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 105

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, July 28, 2014 9 comments

This one ran long but there's some good conversation in there.  I also talk about CCAG.
Reading Console Wars
- Seth Rogan forward sucks ass
- Pretty good, learned some new shit, Sega Star Kids challenge, Game Gear promoting

Went to Classic Console and Arcade Game show in Cleveland
Won game on /vr/  Probably going to get bad dragon dongs
Microsoft shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios


I am writing in this way since I was reminded of the e-mail address in the last show and the fact that I didn't want to test if links would show up in the comments. I forget if they do. I know that links don't show up in the chat. I may have gotten them confused.

I felt the last show had a ton of discussion on Shintai's anime and movie preferences. Maybe it was a slow week but I thought some news stories could better the show.

Game stories
-Sony lays out reasons why PS4 isn't selling as hot and developers are not making games for it in Japan

-Amazon loses trial for billing parents for in-game purchases made by kids. Parents should lock-out purchases with passwords, duh!

-You probably had plans to discuss this already. Nintendo of America offers digital only rewards for getting gold or platinum status in their rewards club. It's fine that they offer something for free, but some of these games are already offered in their shop to buy with your points. If you accumulated points buying these games new, you spent $600 in one year.
(no link)

-Nintendo allows you to sync account data between Wii U consoles now. The problem is they don't just allow you to sync your account through the web but instead require you to hook the consoles up at the same time. Universal account my ass!

-I was reading about the differences between Donkey Returns on the Wii vs 3DS. It turns out Nintendo made it easier. This jives well with your story on the GameCube days of Nintendo where they decided to make games easier to increase sales by allowing kids to beat games faster and get bored of them. Many reviews said DK Returns had some difficult stages--whether it was praised or not. Kids these days are trained to be pussy players.

Funny / Interesting stories
-Fox News uses blatant rip off of Bioshock Infinite logo

-Knife fight breaks out between kid and his uncle over videogames

-Man hits girlfriend in face after she bitch-slaps and scratches him

-Chinese parents sell kids to fund videogame addiction

-Sony forgot to pay bill on websites and they are taken down

Sony QA / Community head discusses paid alphas, beta / early access.

I believe the console audience expects games they find for sale in the store (online / offline) to be complete in their best form. I believe that audience would get a negative impression paying for a broken game. The PC crowd is just more informed. They have to do a lot more to get their games up and running at their best performance. Thus, I believe they would know that they are buying a work in progress and should hold judgment and be more willing to contribute to the design process if allowed.

End of Mecha Menace show notes.

brittish steel
You guys mentioned towards the end of the podcast that the next generation of consoles was rushed and should wait a couple of years. I said the same thing late last year and you guys told me I was wrong.

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mechaMenace said...

I apologize, Shintai. My comments in the e-mail about the previous MCC may have been construed as being particularly negative toward your talk of anime and movies. I sent those stories because I came away from the show with the feeling that there weren't as many talking points as previous MCCs. whether it was the majority of the discussion or not, I remember the anime and movies discussion.

mechaMenace said...

I enjoyed the show. The dynamic of having more than two players on the line was great.

Let's hope TBD is getting enough sleep nowadays and not finding hidden messages in late night programming. I wouldn't want to hear him ranting about how tiny worms live behind his kneecap because Aeromech Airlines is sixteen letters and it changed its name to Wright Airlines even though it used to have the word chair in its name and Sony closed its PC business so that is why he knows the true meaning of 666.

If I see interesting stories, I'll save the links.

DeathAdder83 said...

I really enjoyed this week's episode of The Mecha Cool Cast! I had to do a YouTube search to find out who this 8-Bit Eric guy was when I stumbled on to a GameStop dumpster diving video featuring him, the 2 aging frat boys known as The Game Chasers, and their valley girl bitch Alpha Omega Sin. Man.........I had an easier time watching the Mr. Hand's video where a horse's 24 inch cock explodes with ejaculate inside of a man's broken anus. Seriously though, what kind of brain dead morons watch and worship these assholes on YouTube?

The Devil Burning said...


I must've missed that video Deathadder haha! but Eric hates it when you tell him that he's trying too hard and not being himself lololololol...

mechaMenace said...

^--- Is sent the above links to the show e-mail. If you use any of the links in the next show, enjoy!! But, c'mon, you gotta use the fun links.

mechaMenace said...

Gamestop does away old trade-in system
tldr: GS admits their own system confuses them (and store employees) and realizes a simpler system might encourage more trade-ins. They now offer around 20% more on trade-ins.
Related: 40% of Gamestop customers don't even know there is a trade-in system (great for people who buy most of their games at g-sales)

mechaMenace said...

Britain decriminalized online piracy
tldr: Nothing bad happens if you download anything

mechaMenace said...

Japan wants online anime sharing sites dead!
tldr: Japan taking steps to shut-down OVERSEAS sites and sharing communities that cause $20 billion in losses

mechaMenace said...

Duke comes out of retirement
tldr: Donated assets and code for unreleased Duke Nukem game uncovered at Library of Congress
comments: When this game was announced, I remember I couldn't stop laughing when bookmarking the OFFICIAL trailer:

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