PCDX Gameplay Series: Sonic Adventure 2. Sega Dreamcast. (Completed February 28th 2012)

Posted by Retrokaiser On Tuesday, February 28, 2012 2 comments

Completed, February 28th 2012.
Ended up being 1 part longer than expected.

^Part 14 (Final Part)

^Part 13

^Part Extra AKA Sonic Adventure 2 The Trial (Demo)

^Part 12

^Part 11

^Part 10

^Part 9.3

^Part 9.2

^Part 9.1

^Part 8

^Part 7

^Part 6

^Part 5

^Part 4

^Part 3

^Part 2 (Don't be fooled by the looks of the thumbnail. It's the same cut scene but not the same level.)

^Part 1


after3 said...

Sega dreamcast, where have you been all my life. a3

Noctis said...

I looove that game..brings back soo many memories!! Definitely followed :D

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