Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 63

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British Steel said...

Sorry I could not show up for the live show as of late. The heart is willing, but obligations with my family as of late really kill my weekends, and it sucks because there are other things I like to do on the weekend apart from babysitting my nephew because of his selfish immature deadbeat dad.

As far as Legendary Pokemon, I think it sucks you can't re-use a pokeball if it fails to catch. Sure, if it's got a monster inside, you can't use it. But if he doesn't stay caught, why can't you re-use it? Why do I have to have 50 not-cheap ultra balls in order to catch one fucking bird I'm probably just gonna stick in the computer and forget about anyways? It's not like I need it, considering I have already level-ground a powerful lineup by the time I meet the son-of-a-bitch anyways.

As far as the 3DS goes, the fact it took a year to sell 5 million machines is a testament to the still-lousy global economy and the fact that new hardware is never cheap. But at the same time, $200 for an NES in 1986 equates to about $400 in 2006-dollars.

I guess the rumor I read about Sony not going into the next console generation was a bit dated. At the time it was facilitated, Sony reported a 2-billion dollar loss. But I still stick behind the idea that game consoles aren't advancing as fast as they did in the past.

If my comments are TL:DR, let me know. I will cut them down.

Anonymous said...

I worry about this AMD rumor with the PS4 since it could mean the end of backwards compatibility with legacy physical media at launch. Admittedly Sony started to strip away backwards compatibility as the PS3 hardware aged, but does support some titles as PS1 and PS2 classics on the PSN / SEN. They may not believe supporting legacy software as being profitable in the next generation. They may just want to push new software. Backward compatibility always make transitioning to a new console much easier especially without a large software library at launch.

I wouldn't like to lose the ability to play any PlayStation game on a PS4.

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