Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 61

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British Steel said...

I may try to get back into Pokemon. When I was in sixth grade, Pokemon Blue in all it's black and green monochrome glory pretty much controlled the lives of the "nerd clique" I was in. But after Gold and Silver came along, I had a falling out. I did get Crystal in a "brick-type" Game Boy Advance package, and while I liked it, it didn't engross me like Blue and Red did. Leaf Green, though, made me feel like I was 11 again.

What's even funnier about the "Muk Tuk" joke Snake made at Raven was that he took it seriously. It was obviously meant to be a joke, and it totally went over his head. He also called him fat, saying that the M1 tank was a "tight fit" for him, but to no avail. Also, ear pulling - WFT?!

Also, even though Big Boss doesn't look like he has any Japanese in him, Raven did mention Snake had Japanese blood, and that he and Raven stem from the same ancestors. So if Snake is a clone of Big Boss, I would say it's feasible that Big Boss is part Japanese, too.

What the hell is it with Metal Gear that makes me over analyze shit? I guess if I can write a 26-page final report on World War I naval warfare in college or a 19 page analysis of The Grapes of wrath, I guess I could at least write a Metal Gear opinion/speculation column once a week.

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