Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 60

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Tuesday, February 7, 2012 2 comments

TheDevilBurning and Mitch help me go over the news in this episode.  I built some more shelves and will be making a collection/display/room tour video because of it.

PSN accounts now called Sony Entertainment Network accounts.  Shit changes Feb 8
Xbox lives director of Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement retires.
Mass Effect novel comes out, fans make huge list of inaccuracies, future prints will be corrected. 
Mass Effect producer suggests it might be prudent to keep your Mass Effect 3 saves.  Who the fuck deletes saves?
Mass Effect 3 MP Demo comes with free Xbox gold for limited time
Gamer dies in Taipei inernet cafe, sits there for 9 hours before anyone notice.  
Ubisoft moving servers, some mac and pc games won't be playable, not even single player, thanks to thier awesome DRM.
Man plays all canon Zelda games in a month, writes a paper on the time line
25 best video game coffee table books
Alan Wake PC coming Feb 16 for $30
Simpsons Arcade $10 on PSN Tuesday
Crackle and cinema now apps on 360.  Crackle will soon be avail. in Canada, Aus, and UK.  Cinema Now will remain US exclusive
PSvita games to be cheaper when bought digital.  Best buy selling digital games from their store.  Screen cap shows only a $5 difference.  Used physical buyers win again!
Nintendo enforcing strict regulations on DLC to keep the dick out of consumers ass.  Neat!
Tomb Raider Porno Trailer

Breaking bad as a 16 bit game.

Zelda and link recreated in SCV with character creator

PIN BALL RPG?!?!  Watch this Epic Quest Trailer

Music Video has boner for Sega

Mario Bros VS Lemmings VS Doom VS Duck Hunt

University Project - Flash Commercial for iPod Skin from Rohan Liston on Vimeo.

Real Life galaga, nerd boner engage.  tiny quad rotor helicopters fly in formation.  looks like some galaga shit

Download.  Right Click, Save Target As.


Croooow111 said...

I usually follow the show notes as I listen to MCC. Of course, most of the links are from Kotaku and I've already seen the story, but it's nice to see what's going to be covered.

Anonymous said...

Vacuuming reduces the amount of dust that accumulates. If you vacuum maybe 1-3 times a month, it will greatly reduce the amount of times you have to dust things on shelves...unless its a fat PS3. That piano black finish is a pain to keep shiny.

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