Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 35

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, August 10, 2011 3 comments

This week I talk about my awesome arcade experience, the Tommyverse, what happened to the live part of this episode and of course HAWT VIDJA GAYM NOOS.  Check it all out after the jump.

Like a Boss
Not a gamer unless you multiplayer
Sonic PC games and mouse for Sonics 20th
PSV could work like WiiU controller. Well no shit.
Hole technology demonstration
Grandia Creator dead at 45
Borderlands 2 announced:Learn more at Pax Prime and Gamescom
Nintendo President addresses price drop
PSVita gets a date at Tokyo Game Show
Balrog Documentary
Sony buys Sucker Punch Studios:the makers of Infamous and Sly Cooper
Final Fantasy Tactics is on the App store today! FOR $16!!! Get the fuck outta here Square.
British Bat Man Arckham City Skins
Capcom aware of facebook movement to make MML3 happen. Fans told to suck it up, ain't happening.
Another fucking version of Street Fighter IV. Are you serious?
Diablo III auction house, buy and sell in game items for real money. Must be online even playing solo
Blizard dick doesn't get backlash.
Duke Nukem Forever PC version getting a patch to let you carry 4 weapons. Why no console patch? Why did the 2 gun limit happen at all?
Silly Oblivion shit
3DS bottom screens scratching tops screens LOL. Can't wait for version 2 at reduced price. NeoGaf user adds rubber feet to top screen to fix it.
PSV only comiing to Japan in 2011. NA and EU get it in 2012. No Price drop in response to Nintendos pants shitting.
Wii U's Price and release date won't be announced till 2012.
Ballad of Mike Haggar

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Retrokaiser said...

Hello Sexy.

ScrewsAndFeathers said...

What the hell is that picture :P

Anonymous said...

Great episode JT, Kaiser and Shintai!

I stand corrected. I was aware that fighting footage from power rangers was from a Japanese show. I didn’t realize that the Japanese footage dated back to the 70s.

Good luck getting that server shit figured out man. It sounds like a pain but if anyone can figure it out its Mr. Terrifying.

Looking forward to next week
Scott from Classic L337 (Not sure why, but our account isn’t having any luck posting here so had to go with anonymous)

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