Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 36

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, August 15, 2011 1 comments


Kazlab208 said...

Too bad that top 50 games list video never made it to fruition. Would have been an interesting watch.

That pinball documentary sure does seem to be a good watch. It is probably not on Hulu anymore but even if it still was, I would not be able to watch it. Explanation for this is because Hulu is not free anymore.

That groping telethone fundraiser sounds pretty funny. Especially since it only cost $10 for five gropes. However, video game developers might be able to implement this with the new PSVR technology. Hell, you can now ogle at the characters in Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball 3 when the VR headset comes out. So who knows what the future will hold.

Capcom sure were nickel and diming their customers even back then with those payable demos. It has gotten worse today however with the state of Capcom with them ignoring their main franchises such as Megaman and Castlevania. This has becomes such a problem that both the original creators of those series had to rely on Kickstarter for them to continue to make games past Capcom would have funded.

Ah yes, the days of promo VHS tapes. I remember I got one that was promoting Donkey Kong 64 and Jet Force Gemini. Sadly, all those Playstation Underground and Kaiser's Promo tapes you guys uploaded are long gone. Reasoning for this is because now is out of the picture with the whole website shutting down back in 2015.

It's too bad that the after show talk you had with CF and Explosive Jar never made it into the final cut of this episode. I still have the MP3 to the recording Jerry since you sent me the whole unedited MP3 to this episode. Reasoning for this is because I requested it since I needed something to listen to on a small road trip I took the day after this episode was streamed lived. Funny stuff was said during that aftershow.

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